New Year’s day at the farm

With the boys still too young to stay up late and wait for the fireworks we welcomed 2014 at home. In our lame attempt to have some form of “celebration” that night, we tried to go out for ice cream, only to find the boys asleep by the time we parked at the mall. Imagine if we braved the traffic at Dubai mall only to find the boys sound asleep at the back?


Photo Credit: Daniel Bautista

It was a shame too since Dubai broke the world record of fireworks display this year it would’ve been nice to be there. 

If you were at Jumeirah, the Palm or at Dubai Mall during New Year’s Eve I truly envy you because if I was there, I’m sure I would go crazy watching the fireworks go off all around me. But it’s nice to have talented friends who can take beautiful pictures that truly makes me feel like I was there too.


Instead of staying up late on the eve off, we celebrated New Year’s Day with a trip to the zoo. The boys are crazy in love with animals. Our zoo of choice was the  Sharjah Children’s Farm we’ve been here before and I’ve shared our adventure with you then. We/I like this zoo because of the Children’s Farm part, they have an area where the kids can go get some hay and feed them by hand which my boys were more than willing to do. Like before, this made me very nervous, (too much animal’s gone wild videos) especially with Aden forcing his small hands inside the goat’s mouth. eeiiiiiccccckkkkk!!!

With my fear of animal domination aside, I still love how animal loving my boys are and how excited they can be to see them. I wish they never outgrow this love for animals because I truly believe that this is truly the highest form of selfless love.


In the end the day was a success, Adrian is not too excited about the New Year unlike Christmas because he doesn’t get presents but hopefully in the future they will appreciate the New Year and be excited to wait up for the fireworks just as much as I am.


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