Welcome to the Christian world baby Isaac


Today, Arnie has had the honor to be this baby’s godfather.

Choosing for our boys’ godparents we wanted somebody who was close to us and someone who we imagine would still be in touch with us in the next 10-20 years (Thanks to Facebook that doesn’t seem so hard nowadays). To be chosen as a godparent ourselves makes us feel honored and appreciated.

I think with living abroad, Arnie and I have somehow avoided being asked to be ninang or ninong of our friends children back home. So with the very few god children that we do have, we cherish them and love them like they were our own. 

The latest addition to our family is baby Isaac, Ryan and Roze’s second son. I love the story where Z, their first born, out of the blue told his mama that the baby’s name was going to be Isaac and it was a very good name at that (I can only  imagine Adrian given the chance to name his younger brother would probably go for OSO or Handy Manny or worse GUMMI BEARS!).

So in this very special day please allow me to say a few words…

Dear Isaac,

We are very honored to be chosen to be a part of your life. Your ninong Arnie and I will always be here for you to help you and guide you to grow up to be an awesome man of God. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers and love you as if you were our own.

With much love on this special day,

Ninang Nix and Ninong Arnie


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