Flea Market Adventures

You’d think that with us moving to a two bedroom apartment we’d have more space for all our stuff. Well I’m sorry to disappoint you, but we don’t. At least in our last apartment we had a storage room to house all my skeletons, (out of sight, out of mind situation) now in this new place we don’t have that luxury. All the clutter is everywhere, in sight and on my MIND – driving me CRAZY all the time.

site_logoMy solution? Get a table at the Dubai Flea Market and sell my unwanted preloved stuff. I’ve had a couple of friends that has sold at the market and only has good things to say about it. With this in mind, I started sorting out my things and getting them ready to sell. I gave myself a rule, anything that I have not been wearing or using for the past 6-8 months was going on the sale.


This was the result

Dubai Flea Market is an organized event held every month at three different locations in 3 different weekend dates. There’s one at Safa Park which was the first venue and the most popular one, at Mirdiff for our brothers from the north and at Ibn batutta for the folks down south. It’s very easy to get a table online and on the day off, first thing you do is get a table, set up your goods and the organizers will just pass by to get your permit to confirm you. The tables are on a first come first serve basis so be sure to be early if you want a good spot. All in all it was very well-organized. All the rest are clearly stated on the website, trust me it’s not a complicated process at all.

I chose the Ibn Batutta event because I had to think of a way to entertain my boys while I was busy selling at the market. Having the event  at the parking lot of the mall made it a no brainer for my needs. Other sellers were complaining though that there were fewer people compared to Safa Park, but this didn’t bother me at all because my main concern was to keep the kids boys entertained. Special shout out to Arnie for watching the boys for 4 hours straight.

My business plan was simple, all small items for 5 aed and all clothes and bags for 10 aed. The goal was to first gain back the 250 aed which was the amount I paid for the table and the rest is what I would consider my profit would be like the cherry on top of my sundae (IF I was allowed to have a sundae that is). After 30 mins. I got my 250 back so I dropped my prices to 5aed and didn’t even argue when somebody would haggle for a lower price, even gave some away for free. I wasn’t feeling greedy and to be honest they are doing me a favor helping me get rid of my stuff.

All my things that I sold were pre loved items and have served their purpose well, so to get 5 or 10 aed from them in return was already a sweet surprise. In the end, I was a few fills richer from my flea market adventure but gained a thousand in experience and a million more in the delight in knowing my beloved material things are in a better homes, where they will be much appreciated by their new owners.

I’d like to make a special mention to my friend Karen, thank you so much for keeping me company this afternoon and for buying most of the stuff too haha. She didn’t have to waste her Saturday sitting in the parking lot with us flea market folks but she did anyway and hopefully she had fun too.


Would I do it again? In a heartbeat! But sad to say my flea market things took me 9 years to accumulate so maybe it will take awhile before I have enough things to do this again.


One Comment on “Flea Market Adventures”

  1. Janice says:

    So cool! I love the concept!!

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