Heaven in the most unsuspecting places…

Yesterday morning, I was a frazzled, frustrated and tired mother of an uncooperative tot. Worst of all, I was in my happy place, the MALL!!!! We’ve had a lot of these kind of days lately that I was actually looking forward to a relaxing morning strolling and window shopping but alas, the boy had other plans.

I was trying to teach him a lesson and I wanted to stand my ground so crying and crying and more crying he did. Not ready to give up I went ahead with my errands amidst all the crying, I didn’t care who stared at me or what people say, the boy had to be disciplined and it’s in these situations that he gets to learn. But my one errand was at the bank it felt a bit too much, it is after all a place of business and a baby does not belong there and so I conceded and tried to give him what he wanted. Because he’s been crying for some time now, even if I give in to his demands, he wouldn’t have any of it – he is my son after all and PRIDE is running rich within his veins. He was angry now and there was only one way to soothe him – to FEED.

image-5Having just had breakfast I refused to sit at Starbucks and buy another over priced muffin just to get a peaceful place to feed. I was happy I was at the Dubai Mall where they have excellent baby rooms. The best I’ve seen so far. During Adrian’s time I was already happy with SM’s breastfeeding rooms back in Manila but because this is Dubai – it was better. The baby rooms are commonly found adjacent to the ladies toilet and inside you have a comfy chair and even a foot stool to rest your tired feet on. You can close the door for more privacy and I swear after all the crying it felt like I was in heaven with the peace and quiet. Aside from the clean diaper changing tables there’s also a small play area where I imagine if you had two tots and have to change one, the other one can be left in the gated play area safely while you turn your back and attend to the other one. Kudos to Dubai mall for thinking about frazzled mothers like me.

image-3image-4 image-6

P.S. I saw a baby room icon beside the men’s toilet as well – but i have not confirmed it yet – will have to ask the husband to do some investigating next time.


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