Operation Give Back

This weekend Adrian attended a birthday party that had a very unconventional request. The parents of the celebrants requested the guests not to bring any gifts but instead make a donation to Operation Smile. In the letter attached to the invitation they explained that they wanted to teach the children the importance of giving to the needy and what it means to empathize with others. I totally commend this act of generosity and I am more impressed with their children who understand this concept at an early age. I only hope my son will follow suit but as I write this post he is already telling me what he wants for Christmas so I’m guessing we have a long way to go.

The party was a great success everybody seemed to have a good time, especially the kids. The celebrants didn’t even seem to mind that they had no presents. Will post more about the party and the venue soon.

In my way, I try to teach Adrian generosity by being kind to those people we see and meet. A simple smile and a few kind words never hurt anyone and so I try to encourage this in him. I hope in time that I will able to teach him more about the real world, for now I would like to keep his innocence from all these a little longer.



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