Funky Monkey’s

20140127-150630.jpgOur party last saturday was at Funky Monkey’s in Mazaya center along Sheik Zayed Road. The mall’s interior and exterior is a bit dated. But I didn’t mind this because it meant that fewer people visit this place which means more parking for us! Plus there wasn’t even a crowd at the supermarket so I had it all to myself to explore.

I was expecting the normal play area type party with party host, face painting, games, food etc but Funky Monkey’s surprised me. They have themed party rooms that can cater to most of your child’s whims. I inquired at their front desk and I’m very much interested in the Funky Chef’s package unfortunately my children are still too young to appreciate this. Because our celebrants were girls, of course they wanted the princess theme party. It was nice because although they ordered the princess theme they didn’t forget about the boys which had face painting, laser tag and computer games available at their disposal while the girls were having their princess make over and spa party.


Boys face painting


Girl’s princess make over


Soft Play Area

We had the place to ourselves which was good because it helped me relax a bit knowing that I can easily see my kids while I enjoy some adult conversation. Upon arrival, we were brought to the dining area for adults to have some coffee, sandwiches and pizza. This area was adjacent to the soft play area so after depositing the kids we were free to have coffee and started mingling with the other parents. Once everybody was present they started the program with boys and girls in separate rooms for their respective activities and was just called to come together for the cake cutting and some dancing. Then the food was served in another room where the kids enjoyed  pizza, fries, chicken nuggets, juice, and cake. This concluded the party, it sounds quick but we were there for almost 4 hours which for a glorified nanny like myself seems like an eternity. On the up side all this time waiting enabled me to take photos and conceptualizing my post which is something I enjoy doing. For the souvenirs they took photos of our children and placed them in magnets, it was a nice gesture and I appreciated this very much.

I did ask my kabayan who worked there about more food options because as we Filipinos love to eat, having a party with coffee and cucumber sandwiches for the adults will simply not suffice. She did say that Filipino food can be ordered and served to the adults at the adult dining area while the kids enjoy their activities in the rooms.


Culinary Party Room


Boys’ Party Room


Disco Party Room


Adult area


The perfect ending to this princess theme party…a fashion show of all the girls in their princess make up and dresses

If you are interested in having your child’s party here I ‘ve added the website to Funky Monkey’s below also I would suggest you visit their place so you can appreciate it – the place does look a bit dated (you’ve been warned)


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