The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree


this photo made me laugh…

For the longest time I think I was in denial about the fact that our children will be a reflection of us, their parents. I wanted to believe that our children will be a better version of ourselves. That if I teach them the right way and all the good qualities I want from a human being, then they will grow up to be perfect people (molded by me/us).

But the reality of this is they don’t really fall far from the tree. They unconsciously copy our actions and words and unless we as their role models change ourselves they will always turn out as our mini me.


the contents of our care package from ate G

This has never been proven more true to me than today. I visited a friend who has children almost the same age as mine. Her eldest, let’s call her G (for their privacy) has always been very accommodating. Similar to the vibe I get from her parents when we visit their home. I remember one time we went to their house and she immediately set up their living room to a picnic like setting with real Oreo cookies and milk for her and Adrian. This was the first time I thought to myself that although maybe they don’t teach her directly to do this she mimics her mother and father unconsciously. Today as we were leaving their home she sets up a care package of sorts in a plastic bag, with juice, milk, crackers and biscuits for my boys. Again I thought to myself wow!  she’s amazing and raised so well. I salute her parents for being who they are and for being a good example and showing this little girl how to be a caring and warm person. As one of her godparents, I am the lucky one to call her my god-daughter.

All this deserved admiration to G made me think of my own boys, what characters of mine will they unconsciously copy. My anti social ways, my OC tendencies (kinda too late for that Adrian has OC tendencies already), my procrastinating, etc (let’s not dwell on the negatives please haha). But seriously, this really made me think, maybe Adrian is who is because he gets it from me, maybe Aden is who he is because of me. Maybe the next time I point out my children’s flaws to others I should be careful because the truth is …

the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


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