New Fish Market

I actually don’t know how long this fish market has been here but when we were driving along Jumeirah Beach Road yesterday I saw balloons advertising “new fish market now open” (no picture because I was driving). Of course I had to check it out. This is located behind the Hardee’s/KFC along Jumeirah Beach Road.


The place looks clean and organized very different from the “fish market” we had years ago in al thanya when we would buy fish and other seafood from under a fishing boat covered with tarpaulin. It felt like we were doing something illegal. But this looks promising I will definitely come back for more fresh seafood. The fisherman’s told me that they are open by 6am so if you want to get the freshest catch of the day set your alarms early.


lots of parking space


a view of the “marina” next to the fish market


One Comment on “New Fish Market”

  1. aerislair says:

    Reblogged this on Thoughts in Flow and commented:
    Nice place! Very different from the Fish Market near Palm Deira Metro Station.

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