Show Jumping Friday

Since my eldest boy started talking, he likes narrating his experiences to anybody who would listen. He has such a sharp memory that he relates past experiences to relevant ones. So because of this we love taking him to different things so he can build up his memory bank (and ours too) and get as much out from life that his 4-year-old self can take.

Enter last friday’s activity:


20140202-012033.jpgWe watched a show jumping championship. Yes! With horses and equestrians and all that fancy shmancy stuff. The husband got a flyer on his email and since the boys love animals and it said “free entry” (major deciding factor), away we go!

It was nice to get to watch a different kind of sport, for the first time, I might add. Since the weather was cool it was not a problem staying outdoors! The boys were bored after 10 minutes of watching the horses jump, of course! And pulled us out of the bleachers  and to the kids play area we went. But not after getting a squeal from my youngest after seeing the horses jump (it was precious but I didn’t want to bother the serious show jumping fans).


The kids’ play area was not bad they had inflatable slides, a mechanical bull and a pony ride paddock. Don’t my boys look adorable with their riding helmets on? I don’t think anyone of them will $tart a eque$trian career anytime $oon but if anyone i$ willing to $ponsor (wink wink) haha

I don’t know who won the championship that day but the day out with the horses was a big winner in my boys eyes. They got to play outdoors, ride horses, and eat popcorn and ice cream. They were even well-behaved inside the car for the looooong drive back and forth in the middle of the desert. All in all it was a good and nice bonding experience for us.


In ending, I  hope my boys never loose their thirst for knowledge and for new experiences. Rest assured we will be there holding their tiny little hands along the way and for sure we too will be loving every step of the way.



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