Ikea Family Card

20140202-023546.jpgIntroducing the Ikea family card.

I’m a sucker for privilege cards and I’m a bigger sucker for Ikea. Combine the two and I am over the moon. I think I was actually smiling from ear to ear when they offered me to sign up last week  (CCTV footage will back me up on this).

Their family card don’t work like your normal loyalty card found in your wallet. It doesn’t accumulate points per purchases made but you do get free coffee from the cafeteria from Sundays – Thursdays. So what does it do? Well, you get special prices on certain items on offer  (ike a secret club) and they get to track your buying habits which enables them to get to know you and serve you better (that’s what it says on the info website). They did say any information shared with them will remain private – just for your piece of mind.

It’s very easy to get your own card just head on to your nearest Ikea and look for the Ikea family card machine found at the store.


Disclaimer: I write this because I am a loyal customer not because I work there although I would love to live there if I could! Imagine having meatballs and salmon everyday!!!!! Hahahaha

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