Travel Destination: DUBAI

With family coming over from the Philippines in May, The husband and I have thrown ideas at each other where to bring them. Of course you know it’s mostly coming from me since I’m the “planner” in our family and I’m the excited one too hehe. In my defense, it’s their first time here and I just want them to have a good time (so forgive my OAness). But last week I got an email from the husband that surprised me because it was so out of character.

Side note: Yes we communicate by email even if we see each other everyday. Major decisions regarding the kids, money and vacation are always discussed via email. Sometimes in english to stress the seriousness of the situation. 

Anyway, back to regular programming, the email was a detailed schedule of our visitors’ trip to Dubai (excited din pala siya! hahaha)

Here’s the schedule he made for them:

24-May Saturday PM Airport pick-up
      Dinner – House
25-May Sunday AM DFC – Ikea breakfast
      Dubai Museum
    PM Lunch at Camel Burger
      Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa/Fountain 
26-May Monday AM JBR – breakfast
      Madinat Jumeirah/Burj
    PM MOE / Ski Dubai
27-May Tuesday AM Outlet Mall /Miracle Garden
    PM Desert safari
28-May Wednesday AM/PM Atlantis
29-May Thursday AM Ferrari World
    PM YAS Mall
      overnight- hotel
30-May Friday AM/PM Abu Dhabi City
31-May Saturday AM Water taxi 
    PM Lunch at Marina Mall
      Dubai Mall
1-Jun Sunday AM Outlet /Karama
    PM rest / off to airport

So now that the schedule has been set, there is nothing much for my brain to do than to count the days our family will come. About 112 days to go (more or less).

This is a good and sensible schedule doable for families with kids. If you were directed by google into this site because you are doing your own research on DUBAI – feel free to copy or message me for any questions you may have. I will be your voluntary virtual tour guide.


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