Incident vs Accident

I’ve recently seen an interview on television about traffic collisions in the Philippines. He (I don’t remember who) stated that they don’t call road collisions accidents because these are all preventable and should be called an incident. He was stressing that road collisions are preventable because if both drivers were following the road rules and paying attention to what they were doing then it would have been preventable. Made so much sense to me that when something happened in my home yesterday late afternoon, I thought to myself was this an accident? or an incident? Could have I avoided all this trouble? Sadly the answer was a resounding YES.


I kept asking him if he was ‘Ok” he asked me to stop asking. Can you blame me?

My eldest son had an incident with a very sharp bed corner meeting his right upper eyelid. He actually didn’t cry when it happened but called me to show me the blood in his hands (Brave boy). My first instinct was to apply pressure to stop the bleeding. When this did not stop the bleeding, I decided to take him to the clinic to at least have someone take a look. I placed a band-aid to temporarily put pressure on the wound while we run down to the clinic below our building. After explaining to the nurse what happened she didn’t want to remove the band-aid because as she explained the wound may be too deep and she may worsen the situation. This made me panic a little, could he possibly need stitches? I thought to myself. Of course there was no doctor available at that moment and we were advised to go to Arabian Ranches for their sister clinic.

Luckily we were there in about 15 minutes (thank you Google maps!) and we were seen immediately. Because Adrian has been to MEDICLINIC in Ibn Batutta his records were on file so there was no hassle registering. The doctor explained that it was only a surface wound and should heal in about 2-3 days. No biggie but can you blame me? I was worried sick.


at the clinic all calm and well behaved

Driving back home I was thinking about the accident/incident thing. This was definitely an incident. There are lots of baby proofing materials in the market and not because my eldest is four years old I should take things around him for granted. I learned my lesson and thankfully it wasn’t the hard way.


Special thanks to MEDICLINIC at Arabian Ranches. Don’t take this the wrong way but I hope I never have to see you again for cases like this.

If you need any info on them, I’ve linked their website and included their details below:

PO Box 282602, Dubai, UAE
Arabian Ranches Community
Click to call +971-4-4534020
Fax +971-4-4328291





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