Art lessons from my four-year-old

With some of my FB friends requesting to fill their timelines with art instead of foodie shots and selfies I was inspired to share with you Adrian’s new interest.

Their class has learned a lot about different artists this spring term that he started teaching us about them. His ability to keep information and share them with us is really amazing to me (sorry I’m a bit mommy proud!). I wish we could visit Tate Modern again and let him see and appreciate all his artists masterpiece in real life.

It started out with this conversation

Me: What did you do in school today?
Adrian: We did art mommy! Just like Jackson Pollock!

Me being illiterate about art had to google who Pollock was! And so after this, every week he’d tell us about a new artist they’ve learned about in school there was Mondrian, Kandinsky, Paul Klee and the latest one is Van Gogh.

These are some of Adrian’s art lessons:

Jackson Pollock makes art like this – his hands making a gesture of him throwing paint.

Jackson Pollock

J. Pollock at work


Not understanding what he was doing, I researched Pollock and turns out he’s very famous for the style of art that he does which is called drip painting. You learn something new everyday huh? and so the art lessons continue…

Mondrian makes art with black lines and color inside.


Kandinsky makes circles


Paul Klee makes funny faces!


Van Gogh makes sunflowers!


I hope that aside from doing well in his academics he doesn’t lose this love for art. For sure I will try my best to nurture this interest and if it becomes his hobby or his life’s work, I will surely be one proud momma!

P.S. Found these photos in my library. Taken at Tate Modern in London October 2013. Hope Adrian appreciates this post when he’s older.


Adrian with Kandinsky’s Swinging


Buste de Femme by Pablo Picasso


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