The Entertainer Dubai 2014


My entertainer has arrived!!!

Who here loves a good bargain?

20140207-075956.jpgI most certainly love love love it. For two years now our newspaper has offered a free Entertainer book for every yearly subscription. I know what your thinking, “with tablets, cellphones and laptops today who reads the paper?” well my husband still does and he loves it. And I love it because I get the book for free which makes me think I’m saving 2x, once from buying the book and next from the deals I get using the coupons from the book.

The Entertainer comes in different types, there are kids, fine dining, travel, body and there’s one that has a mix of every thing. We usually get the generic one so that we get bits of everything. There’s also an entertainer for different locations such as Bahrain, Oman, Singapore, even London to only name a few. Oh and they even have an app now so it’s easier to get your bargains just by showing your phone. Check out their website for more info.

Disclaimer: Again, I don't work here or in any way affiliated with them I'm just a happy customer.

With the boys growing up, it only makes sense for us to try to save up and try to get a bargain when/wherever we can. The book has an extensive list of establishments of deals that would surely tickle any family’s fancy.

With the fam bam coming, for sure we’re gonna be using a lot more of these coupons and I will be one happy thrifty host.

If you avail this from The National they give you added 100 aed coupon for Carrefour. If that isn’t to your liking.,  I just came from Borders, if you buy from them, you get extra 60 aed Borders gift card.

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