Mail Post nightmares!

Living in a first world country you’d think the mail system would be efficient. Weeeeell… maybe it is but it hasn’t been that efficient to me! In my years of living here the post has caused me an iPhone and most recently a gorgeous (exag) leather bag. For those who know me, you know I’m crying more over the bag than the phone! haha

To be fair, it has also been nice to me getting me books, stationary and other stuff, but the BAG! I can’t get over. 

The post system here in Dubai is the P.O. Box type, all mail go to and are picked up at a P.O. Box assigned to you, so it eliminates the need for a mailman. But there’s a loophole if you don’t have a P.O. Box but the sender writes your mobile number on the label, they will give you a call, to say the parcel is there and ready for pick up (usually at the Karama branch). So of course being a practical gal, I just go through this route, even if it is a hassle I don’t mind the drive to Karama. I don’t get post and parcel often anyway so once in a while is ok.  

I just came from the post office today and inquired about my month-long wait for my parcel. I was informed that all parcels now without P.O. Box are being sent directly back to the sender. The kind gentleman at the information counter did tell me that if I didn’t have a P.O. Box there is a public P.O. Box 1113311 which can be used by anybody and parcels will be kept here for 25 days – that’s good to know.

 IF you are interested to learn more about how to get a P.O. Box here is their website:

Good news: I just spoke with someone from Cath Kidston and because I didn’t get my bag they are willing to give me a gift card worth of the price of my original bag. (related to: Now, how to spend it without using the post system hmmmm maybe a trip back to the UK is in order. hehe


2 Comments on “Mail Post nightmares!”

  1. Janice says:

    Oh no!! The bag!!! The Cath folks are awesome though aren’t they? Such fantastic customer service

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