One year…

Wow! Driving spider-man is ONE today. I didn’t know I could/would last that long.

If you are a bit confused about why I say I am one today but have post from 2009. It’s because in the middle of this blog journey I decided to combine all my previous blogs! Yes this is my third attempt to start a blog. Third times a charm right?

My first one started when I was awake on the wee hours of the night attending to Adrian when he was a baby. So if you look back it’s more one liners because I was, most of the time, half asleep. Then my next attempt was to be a food blogger, but then I realized I don’t eat at exciting places, exciting enough to whet your appetites at least. And then came Driving Spider-Man where I’m just myself and not trying to be anything else. That seems to work the best in most aspects of our lives don’t you think? – being ourselves.

Thank you for your continued support (?) I promise to write more and share more until you get sick of me! (haha) Most of you are family so I’m sorry your stuck with me for life! haha

One year and moving onwards! Wish I could throw all of you a party but we all know that takes 6 months planning (OC) hahaha

Have a nice day y’all. Your faithful blogger and friend and cousin, and sister, and niece,…



2 Comments on “One year…”

  1. Janet says:

    Congrats! You are doing a great job!

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