Oregano Presto

The husband has been trained by now that on “special” days i.e. Valentines day not to suggest to eat at fast-food places or places we eat often at. I’m not being high maintenance, it doesn’t have to be a place where I have to dress up but at least something new, something we haven’t tried before something “adventurous” or different (as long as I don’t cook) – that’s all I really ask.

20140217-062107.jpg20140217-062542.jpgSo for this year we had Valentines lunch at Oregano Presto at Motor City. I’ve written about Oregano before apparently there’s a slight difference, with the “Presto” branch they only serve pizza, salads and pasta. I was looking for the mushroom risotto which I tried at Oregano in Jebel Ali and that’s when they told me the difference. Nevertheless, it did not disappoint!

20140217-062120.jpgEverything was very good, “Delicious!” as my four-year old would say. The place has a small indoor sitting area but a big outdoor space. At the moment the weather is lovely to sit outside but I can’t imagine sitting there during the heat of the summer. We had the Tres amigos Pizza, Spaghetti Bolognese, and a bruschetta for starters. I was worried that our order was not enough for the four of us because sometimes these places have very little servings. But the servings here were big, our family of four had half a pizza and half of the spaghetti left over. There was a family of 5 across our table and they ordered pretty much the same thing we did and they seemed satisfied at the end. But then again, it really depends on your family’s size and age group, our children are still in the toddler phase so how much can they eat really?



Price wise, let’s just say, it won’t be our go to place every weekend but with my Entertainer voucher one main entrée was free #winner.  I still have two vouchers to go and they have a branch opening up at Silicon Oasis which is much closer to our home so I’m guessing we’ll be coming back! (at least 2 more times this year – hehe)

Oregano Presto!
Motor City, Dubai: Tel. 04 4470740

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