The Beach

Very few things shock me in Dubai anymore. I mean with The Palm and The Burj Khalifa can you really blame me?


But when they turned an open parking lot into a beach front mall (with an open air cinema) with restaurants on one side and the beach on the other, this left me dumbfounded. I was impressed with the architecture and the way it was planned. Added attractions are the jogging path, the open gym, and play grounds scattered around the area.20140221-122916.jpg

If you are familiar with “the old” JBR there used to be a big open car park that separates The Walk from the beach, then they closed the parking lot and started construction on a mall that they called “The Beach” at first my thought was they were building a normal mall with an air-conditioned building and shops and restaurants inside – pity because the view from that lot was amazing. But boy oh boy! was I wrong. They built an outdoor type of area with a minimalist vibe made of wood that curves and big screen billboards around with lots of outdoor space for kids and adults alike to walk around and play. I can’t really describe it, you have to see it to appreciate it. And my pictures don’t give it much justice. With the cool weather still upon us in Dubai, it felt like we were in another country. But nothing I’ve seen or read from before. (Can you tell that I was impressed?)

20140221-123340.jpgThe shops are still not 100% open but there are some restaurants that are up and running so you can opt to wait to visit it when it is in full swing or if you are like us who just want to make uzi then by all means GO! NOW na!


Be ready to pay for parking as it may be a little steep at 20 dirham per hour. But there is an open car park beside Hilton Hotel that charges 10 dirham per hour on Friday – Saturday and 5 dirham on Sunday – Wednesday. If you are patient enough you can standby and wait on one of JBR’s side streets and park for free but based on experience unless you come by 7AM, parking on the side streets may be next to impossible to find.

It was a nice friday morning stroll with the kids especially after a big breakfast it’s good to walk around (and explore new places). I can’t say The Beach will be our weekend ritual but I see ourselves coming back again and again and again.

Happy Weekend Folks!


3 Comments on “The Beach”

  1. Monica says:

    I totally agree with the exhorbitant parking prices ! Apparently refundable if you get your ticket stamped at an eaterie, you have to eat there first of course !

    Kindest regards,


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