Seafood in a Bucket

20140219-182105.jpgThere’s a silent buzz on the social media about this hole in the wall restaurant in Karama. The buzz has rung in my ear for so long that I cannot resist it anymore. So last week the husband was on leave and my son was on his mid-term break I pushed forward and we ventured on to Karama to try Seafood in a bucket.

The concept was simple upon ordering your chosen seafood, you pick a sauce, and your drink. Don’t even bother ordering rice “What?! Forget the rice??? Is she insane?” (Well that’s actually debatable). But no need to order the rice because it comes with the order and is get ready for this … U N L I M I T E D !!!


I was very excited and had high expectations on the place but upon waiting for almost an hour for our food, I was ready to pack up and go. Then the food came and to be honest with you, my pride was telling me not to eat the food but my body was weak. I told myself I will just feed the little one with the rice and fish but after a while I found myself cleaning the bottom of the bucket of rice for myself!!!!! ahhhhh pride is so over rated.


shrimps with garlic butter



20140219-182148.jpgOk fine, The food was good, neigh VERY GOOD believe me when I say I wish it wasn’t but it was. We left the place with happy tummies and smiling faces. The price was GOOD very GOOD. I mean who spends 80 aed on shrimps, crabs and fish with unli rice and a big a*s glass of ice tea. I’ve never heard of it. Less than 100 for seafood. This was actually the main buzz in the social media, it’s good food with not so high prices.


apple cucumber juice ❤️

The husband argues with me that not everybody eats 30 aed for a meal a day so I can’t say this is cheap eating but mind you it’s 30 aed of seafood of your choice and unli rice. What more can you ask for?

Now how to get there is the tricky part especially if you are not familiar with Karama. I was lucky because I was familiar with the place because we attended a baptism in the same building months ago. I could give you the address and building name but it wasn’t written on the outside of the building so why bother?

Here’s my simplified version: Either walking or driving get yourself to Karama Metro Station, opposite Union Coop is a building with Papa John’s Pizza go inside the building (not Papa John’s haha) and look for Seafood in a Bucket. It’s fairly easy to find, unless you are blind in which case…how are you reading my blog??? hehe


waiting in vain


but so much sweeter with free kropeks


eating gear before the attack

FYI some people say it may get crowded during the weekend so make sure you plan your trip, we were there as soon as they opened at 12 on a wednesday, there was a crowd but not so much.

Happy eating!


13 Comments on “Seafood in a Bucket”

  1. Rhey says:

    Same experience here. Loved the idea but the waiting not so much… I say avoid the weekends and just come on a weekday… That is if you dont have a job. 🙂

  2. VadaBanana says:

    OMG. I love the place and their FOOOD. Gahhhk. I wish I wrote a more decent piece on this one. 2 weeks ago, I was REALLY REALLY craving, I had to wait in line for an hour or so to get a table. It was jam packed on a Monday night. And I love their manager or supervisor!

  3. VadaBanana says:

    The line was ridiculous last Saturday around 2pm!!! We opted to eat somewhere. I cant remember the name but the food was good. The Filipino restaurant by the corner, in front of Sweet Pepper 🙂

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