a frugal year ahead

The husband has a very funny sense of humor. He sent me an email, reprimanding me about my spending. Although I think that  this is no laughing matter and we should always take this seriously you see the funny part is…I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong financially. (enter innocent face)

He has noted that we have been loosely using our credit card of late. And the number ONE rule between us is that the credit card is a NO TOUCH commodity. It should only be used on emergencies i.e. gas and for groceries but only if we are dying of hunger haha (I exaggerate) . Which as he pointed out has not been the case these past few months.

In my documented spending (yes, I write everything I spend – OC much?) I’ve noticed that I spend a lot on groceries and that I visit the supermarket almost 3x a week, sometimes even more. I’ve noticed that this is dangerous because every time I go I don’t only buy the things I need but buy something extra as well.

My solution: For this month I’ve bought all my needs for the month ahead. I know that this is common sense to all mothers doing the home budget. But you have to understand that this act of buying in bulk is very hard for me. It seems that it’s suppose to be in my genes to want to buy in bulk because almost all the women in my family are closet hoarders!(I say closet because they don’t want to admit to it).  I believe that we buy the things we need at that moment and not could need because the need for it may never come at all.

But the husband pointed out that things like diapers, shampoo, laundry soap etc etc these things never change and would be ok to buy in bulk since we would eventually definitely use them. After almost 10 years of living alone, I’m still learning folks!

Another chunk of my spending goes to my bad (but very good) habit of eating out. Can you blame me? I love to eat and I love places with good lighting, comfy chairs and over all ambiance which sometimes translate to expensive.

My solution: DIET. haha Just kidding!!! But seriously lately, I’ve been eating out less during the weekdays and reserve my cash on eating out together with the family. If I do want to eat out for breakfast, I stick to my cheap favorites like McDonald’s and Ikea to keep my spending low.

I truly admire those people who can let go of material things and just live on what they have and need. That is my goal for myself this year. To be happy with the things I have and not want anything more than what I need. To help me with this endeavor I’ve recently discovered this blog that’s relevant to what I’m going through now. This particular post made me relate to her so much with some exceptions…guess what it is…haha

Money Matters in Marriage

Happy Reading!!!


2 Comments on “a frugal year ahead”

  1. Mommy K says:

    Wanted to share this I’m not sure I could, a bit shy to ask you. My take: a frugal husband it is! here here! Sometimes it’s the way he tells me I’ve been overspending that I get upset about but over all he would be most likely just a tiny bit right 😜 thanks for sharing this. I find it comforting the mistake I’ve made isn’t a mistake I’m making alone hahahha mwah mwah. #stilllearning

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