Mickey Mouse Concert

Madonna, Rihanna, Justin, and Beyonce…I don’t even give them the time of day! But when Mickey Mouse and Friends announce that they are coming over to Abu Dhabi for a concert, you just know we had to watch! The husband did not even think twice on buying the tickets. We knew how much our boys loved Mickey and passing up this concert was going to be a BIG mistake. So with the credit card ready, I booked our tickets online the minute they started selling. I was so scared that the tickets would sell fast, just like when Madonna was in town, but it turns out I was over reacting (as usual). The 4 day Mickey concert with 2-3 shows in a day were more than enough to accommodate all the parents going crazy for tickets (present company included).


With our tickets booked a month in advance, I kept it a secret to surprise the boys! I  was happy with my seating choice. I got the first row of the cheapest section seats (Bronze) which gave us extra leg space and no one was blocking our view. I pity the people who bought the last row of the mid price section (Silver) because their seats were crammed and only about two feet closer to the stage than our seats which to my opinion was better than theirs and definitely much cheaper too. It was my first time at the Du Forum and I was surprised to find out that it’s not a big space so I assumed it was easy to see the stage from where anybody was sitting.

Below two years old was still free and thankfully so because half way before the intermission my little one preferred to walk outside than watch the princesses sing and dance.  He was fidgeting and unsettled because he kept insisting to sit on the chair beside me (which I didn’t pay for) but after a while he settled for the step in front of us which demarcated the “Silver” seating section (can I hear a sulit! yup yup!). We thrifty mommies have to take advantage of the FOC (free of charge), before he becomes FP (full price).


seat filler

After the intermission (and paying too much for some chips and popcorn) that’s when Woody and Buzz came out and livened up the crowd. Not that the princesses were boring but my boys well, they are boys what more can I say? After a few dancing and a lively audience participation they ended the concert with a high note. 

Aaaaaaaand just like that our weekend was over and we drove back to Dubai with two very tired but happy boys at the back seat. 

Now if that doesn’t sound like a good weekend I don’t know what is…


My son being silly, he hates taking photos lately …


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