The teddy bear story

Today was World Book Day at school and as always JINS thought of a creative way to celebrate it. They asked the children to come to school in their pyjamas. They also asked us to bring their favourite book and bring a teddy to cuddle during their story telling activity. Even the staff came in their pyjamas and night slippers, the school felt like they were in one big sleep over.

We were very excited for this day (yes I said we) that we left the teddy bear behind. I thought I had the frog stuff toy in the car (that’ll do, right?) but the frog was nowhere in sight. So now I was facing a dilemma. 1/2 of me, the practical side said “nah! It’s ok! He won’t even notice it, it’s fine” and the other 1/2, the emotional sensitive and kind person in me (deep within me) thought “My boy would be so sad when reading time comes because he’s the only one without a teddy to hold“. So I let the kind sensitive woman in me win (mind you she’s not always there! Haha). We ran to the store-bought a bear and went back to school. Adrian was surprised to see us back but also more surprised at the bear we were holding out to him (he didn’t know where the bear came from). But he ran towards us, got the bear and went back to class.

I left the school feeling like I did a good thing even though at the back of my head that bear was way overpriced for a one time thing. But heck! That’s just money right? (Don’t tell my husband I said that!)

Come pick up time I wasn’t expecting anything really. I’m guessing in his 4-year-old mind he had a teddy to hold come story time and that was that. As soon as we settled in the car, Adrian asked me if I bought the teddy just for him. Naturally I said “Yes of course baby!” not thinking about it really and then he said …

Thanks mommy! I love you!

Awwwwwww sweetest words from the sweetest boy. I think I teared up a little on the drive home but I’m tearing up now writing this post. My heart melted in the desert highway on the way home and I silently thanked God because now I know that my boy is going to be a kind, sensitive and loving man when he grows up.


One Comment on “The teddy bear story”

  1. Janice says:

    Awwww 🙂 kuya’s so lambing talaga!!

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