miss congeniality

The husband has recently commented that if I were in a beauty pageant I would win Miss Congeniality (of course I assumed that this was after I win the title! wink wink). Some of you would say “awwwww he’s such a sweet husband” but for those of you who know him well, you know that this was not meant to be a compliment. He added that it was ok to be nice but I do it to the extreme.

He continued on by saying that sometimes I think about the other person first and disregard myself (wow! ang bait ko pala! I had no idea!). Kidding aside I know what he meant and it wouldn’t probably bother him much if I did not impose this same thinking on him. Huh? Ano daw?

It’s like this, when we are out, I always take into consideration other people’s regard. For example: on the escalator, I always stay on the right to let other people pass when I see that he is blocking the way, I tell him to move to my side which makes him angry “hayaan mo sila maghintay gusto ko tumayo dito eh bakit ba?” He would say rather annoyed but always follow suit. This one time I cannot forget it, we were in London and I asked him to move faster going out the door from the train and he got really pissed and told me that when I do that it embarrasses him, but listen if he doesn’t move faster I’m going to be left behind on the train, I’m good with directions but I often loose my bearings when I’m panicking. And being separated on the tube in London will definitely shake my feathers.

I know that it seems that I’m micro managing him and I probably am but … what can I say??? I’m wired this way and I can’t help it…

for better or for worst, right???


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