a lesson on car care

Since my car carries precious cargo (the boys … and me – of course!) everyday we have always brought it to Toyota for service. Every 5,000 km we bring it in and every time they have some recommendations for us that needs to done. They don’t force you to have it done with them but since I have a very low EQ I always say yes. Now this may seem like a very impractical thing to do but when they play the safety card with me there’s nothing I can do. I don’t know squat about car stuff so my/our instinct is to always prevent the problem before it arises.

In the beginning it was little things that didn’t cost much but as the kilometres and the costs piled on, the husband had to see what was going on. So on our last visit he brought it in himself and said “no” to a bunch of stuff. This was when the husband started questioning their motives. Are they really looking out for the maximum performance of our car or are they just robbing us blind?

With the latest “to-do list” in hand we brought the car to Satwa (the equivalent of Banawe in Manila, where there are cheap auto parts and even cheaper labor fees). The only negative thing about going to Satwa was that everything had to be paid for in cash but the husband said it’s still a lot cheaper than having it done at the service centre.

This alone is already a good lesson for you on car care but give me a few minutes and read about my part of the story…

My sunglasses compartment fell off months ago and because it doesn’t affect how the car runs in any way the husband just disregarded it. When we were in Satwa and the guy was doing something on our AC, I took the chance and showed him my broken compartment. Not expecting much from him because the people at Toyota told me that there was a part missing and had to be ordered somewhere. Translation this is gonna be expensive and will take time to do. But you do know that it was killing me softly not having a place for my sunglasses right? (haha! I know priorities).  So back to the person from Satwa who took one minute to look at my broken compartment gets his screw driver one-two-three it was fixed!!! and he didn’t even charge us for it.

So this made me think, maybe I shouldn’t be quick to assume that the official service centre is always looking out for our benefit after all it is a business and the more things they have us done the more money they get out from us. Right? Another lesson maybe to canvas around first, in fairness to them they really don’t pressure you into having something done but if you are like me who knows nothing about cars and believes every Tom, Dick, and Harry in overalls that tells you what your car needs then maybe a little canvassing around won’t hurt.

Think of all the shoes you would’ve bought!!! hahahaha

Punchline: after my sunglasses compartment was fixed and I was happy as Pharell…my latest flavor of the month sunglasses don’t fit inside! hahahaha

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