The 24 hour dinner

Our weekend started out with an impromptu invitation for dinner to Ajman with friends from work. Our gracious host, Mr. and Mrs. M is an older couple than most of us that it feels like they are our older brother and sister. Their family has always opened up their home to all of us that coming over for dinner feels like coming to my lolo’s house for sunday lunch.

They are renting out a 5 bedroom villa out there for the same price as a 3 bedroom flat here in Dubai. But because they are a bigger family the 5 bedroom fits them perfectly. They even have a music/theater/entertainment room upstairs that houses all of Mr. M’s musical instruments and gadgets.

The kids were busy playing by themselves that they were in their own little world (my two boys included 😉), the bigger boys were engrossed on their conversations outside by the lanai and the women and I were relaxing at the dining room watching tagalog movies back to back to back and eating whatever Mrs. M serves in front of us 🐷. The dinner was so much fun we decided to stay the night at their place and stay until late afternoon the next day.

It felt like food was just coming out of the kitchen every hour I was already feeling sorry for Dara who had to was all the dishes again and again and again. But aside from this you know that this was my kind of weekend.

On the drive home it gave me a little time to be grateful to have friends from DW that also feels like family. In this place where sometimes it feels like it’s just the four of us, it’s nice to be invited for dinner just because they want to reconnect and see each other. We truly had a nice weekend at the M’s even if not one of us took showers and changed clothes for 24 hours.

Mental note: next dinner at Ajman, I'm going to be packing the boys and myself an overnight bag.

kids communicating (?)


my boy behaving well with Mr. M


the boys being silly at Ate Mela’s bean bag. This was also our guest room at Casa M.


Wii time


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