School woes

It’s no secret that getting a slot in a good school for your child could be very competitive here in Dubai. This fact often leads to mothers reserving not one but a lot of slots in different schools so that in the end they can have a choice which school is the best for their children.

As for me, I tried to steer away from this mentality because I thought it was kinda rude that when other parents are clamouring for a spot for their child here’s one parent holding down three or four. Our current nursery  has an affiliate school that upon research and on site visits looks appropriate enough so we chose that as our school for my son moving onwards. There was no need to reserve slots because they promised us ample slots for students attending their nursery. With this in mind I was relax and happy even excited for my son going to “big school”.

But life is never that easy isn’t it? So for entertainment’s sake the new school told me that my son was too old for FS2 and that we had to get him assessed for year 1 to put him in the right age group.

I was ok with that because I was very confident my son would pass grade 1 (siempre no. 1 fan!). But as the assessment was taking so long to happen I played Devil’s Advocate and raised the question to the admin department “What if he doesn’t pass Grade 1 would he still be accepted to FS2?

The answer was a resounding NO to add salt to my wounds they told me that they think it would be better to find a new school that will be willing to accept him with his over the limit age for FS2. Mind you he is only over the age limit by FIVE DAYS.

I’m a very loyal and emotional person, so this reply hurt me. I’ve championed their school to all my friends and co parents at the nursery talking about their diversity and state of the art facilities that I felt kinda betrayed with their answer. I’ve asked the help of our nursery manager and even she is frustrated with the system she even told me that personally if this happened to her she wouldn’t want her children to go to a school that’s not flexible enough to overlook 5 days age difference. With this in my mind I was hurt and confused.

But my husband always the realist between the two of us looks at this as an opportunity to look for a better school for our son. Now as I write this I’ve come to realize that it was not personal, it’s their policy and we should respect that. And the Nursery Manager was right why put my son in a school that could just cause me more heartaches.

We found lots of other options online so now I have to start being like any other parent in Dubai and get as much slots as I can for my son. I just wished we knew earlier so I would’ve started applying to other schools sooner. Some of my sons classmates already have 3 schools in line.

We however have NIL. And so the race begins…


2 Comments on “School woes”

  1. Janet says:

    Iuwi mo na lang dito si Adrian…for sure pag aagawan sya ng mga schools dito…. Naku naman 4 years old pa lang…too much stress…si Sophie nga now pa Lang natututo ng alphabet at numbers…anyway as with everything , things always work out in the end…mamaniin ni Adrian ang mga entrance tests nya:)

    • Thanks ate! siempre ako feeling ko personalan but siguro nga kung policy eh di policy – FINE! kung dun si adrian sa school nila super layo sa akin ha! di ba nila na realize yung sacrifice ko para lang sa school nila tapos ganito? haha *drama

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