30 day challenge

I’m the type of person that usually procrastinate when it comes to loosing weight and diet. I love to eat so our problem starts there. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against exercise I actually like to do it, if I can. But if you think I still have extra energy to workout after I feed the boys, wash their clothes, clean the house, iron…yada yada then you’d be mistaken.

But now that my baby boy will almost be two years old, I think it’s time to put the pregnancy clothes away, don’t you think? To add insult to injury I think my scale is broken because it hasn’t moved for months now.

This year I made a pact with my cousin “make Better Choices” was our theme. Whether it be in our diet or our money spending habits – BETTER CHOICES.  Of course mine meant better choices on my food but I was at Cheesecake Factory the day after we made this pact so there goes my end of the bargain…but every time one of us falls off the wagon we try to motivate each other and try again tomorrow. My sister thinks were crazy and just kidding ourselves with all this talk. But maybe after three months of this ON again OFF again talk on better choices some of it has actually rubbed off on me.

My first step was realising that food was not the enemy, I can eat as much as I can as long as it’s the right choices well in moderation,of course. Every week I try to balance giving into my cravings and eating healthy. It’s not always easy, but I try to take it day by day.

For fun I also added some exercise to the mix. I tried this 30 day challenge I saw on Pinterest. I found the 30 day squat challenge, it looked easy enough and the results some people got from it was inspiring – Kim Kardashian booty levels even, so I decided to try this for myself. After my first day, I was still pumped up so I found this plank challenge, planking supposedly builds core strength and stability, so from there I started my 30 day squat and plank challenge. 

30-day-plank-challenge-chart 30-day-squat-challenge-chart

The planking was the big surprise for me, I only chose it because I thought it was going to be easy but oh boy! when the first minute passes by, you just want to wither and die. (I exaggerate of course but I did want to die…)

Anyway, today is my last day and I just finished my last squat, surprisingly it was easy to reach 250 reps today, 30 days ago I thought 250 was a crazy number but I think because the reps increased gradually day by day it was easy for my body to do 250 after 30 days.

Sad to say there are no replicas of a Kim Kardashian booty over here but I am proud nevertheless of myself for seeing this 30 days through. Because I’m shy I will not post any before and after photos but don’t be disappointed there was/is no earth shocking difference, I’m still me, no swimsuit modelling anytime soon. But in spite of the meager results I feel good all over and the 30 day challenge made me challenge myself. Everytime I wanted to quit, I would always think to myself, “it’s just 30 days suck it up” and next thing you know it, I was done! I enjoyed it so much I am looking forward to doing one more set of 30 day challenges. naks!

Hopefully with about a thousand of these challenges, by the time my son goes off to college, I would’ve lost all my pregnancy weight and finally start wearing normal clothes AGAIN.

Wish me luck!!!!

Here are other 30 day challenges I found online, try some and let me know which one is the easiest so I can add it to my list hehehehe.

30-day-wall-sit-challenge-chart 629a32f99717723181fca30f8b384871 844a0739dfbaf42087c1ba5eaafcb376 cddbfb9eee6eb2980d5f2dd4fc7c47b6 images


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