Advance Mother’s Day Celebration

I must be crazy because mother’s day is months away and here I am celebrating it in March right?…weeeeeell because Dubai is a mix of different nationalities Mother’s day comes two times for me over here. The UK nationals celebrate Mother’s day on 30 March and because my son goes to a British curriculum school we’ve adapted this for about 3 years now. But also because we grew up in the Philippines which celebrates mother’s day in May same time as in the US, I get both!!!! With this in mind you just know I had to take advantage of this fact as much as I can.

To my fellow mommies living the multicultural life here in Dubai, Happy 1st Mother’s day for 2014!

We celebrated me today with a friday brunch at Mövenpick hotel at Ibn Batutta Gate. The husband won a friday brunch for two from a raffle during a conference and I didn’t want to use it “just because” so the first “special” occasion that came up, I had him book us a table.

20140328-164926.jpgAl Bahou restaurant was not mabahou at all hehe sorry I couldn’t resist!!! Al Bahou means the grand hall and indeed the restaurant was GRAND. But I actually think it’s a restaurant only on the weekends when they turn the grand hall into one (not really sure about this fact). It’s actually smart because you have al the restaurants on the sides and you can come in and out of each with your preferred dish/food. The choices are Chinese, Japanese, Sicilian, Morocan  at the centre of the hall they’ve put up stalls with fresh seafood, fresh sushi, breads, etc let’s just say there was food everywhere you look.

Upon arrival it seemed that friday brunch here seems very popular with the expat crowd. There was a line of people to come in checking reservations etc etc and as soon as we reached the front of the line I saw the list and it was a long one. But still I couldn’t understand what was the big deal. Upon showing us to our table they showed me the kids movie room, bouncy castle and play area for the kids all within birds eye view from our seat…PERFECT. When I led the kids to the movie room I saw they had their own buffet with nuggets, fries, pasta, burger and best of all GUMMI BEARS!!!! Then a staff came up to me and told me I could leave the kids and she would be in charge of the boys while I enjoy my brunch. Am I dreaming? Is this real??? I saw all the mommies dropping their kids off so after a little hesitation and a lot of persuasion from the staff I went back to  our table and started my relaxing friday brunch with just the husband and I. Now I know the reason for the line.

And so it begins…

Their brunch is international so I had my usual Japanese, Seafood, Chinese, Italian fix. They had a dessert room that made my knees weak. Enjoy the pictures

Here are details on the place:








Dessert (a part of it) there was one whole room dedicated for this












After all that’s been eaten and done I had this big silly grin on my face. It was just so nice to eat and relax and not worry about the kids for two hours. No wonder these friday brunches cost so much because of all the service you get from the hotel it is WORTH IT — ONCE in a while. The husband did promise to do this again I asked if we could do this again on my birthday and he promised me we’d go to somewhere better (naks! plus pogi points please)


Here are the details:

Al Bahou Dubai Ibn Battuta Gate | Adjacent to Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall | P.O.Box 211508 Dubai | United Arab Emirates +971 4 444 0000 |

Prices: AED395 with unlimited selected house beverages, AED295 with soft beverages, AED495 with selected house beverages and French bubbly, AED95 for children between 6 and 12 years of age. Children under 6 eat for free



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