Keeping the Faith

my son always happy to go to school.

my son always happy to go to school.

Ever since I wrote my school woes I have lived life-like a hermit* although I know some people who may argue that I live like a hermit all the time, but let’s talk about that on another day. These past weeks I have stayed inside my shell and just worry worry worry about my son and his (future) school.

My husband tells me to have faith in my son, my cousin tells me to have faith in God and even went ahead to say that “When we are not focused on our blessings we tend to lose our peace and joy and that’s when anxiety comes in – which is an attack from the enemy” wise words from the elderly (I kid but I appreciate it a lot ). 

But alas! Good news all around. First, we got positive news from one school and I know that this alone should already appease me but the husband was really counting on the second school we applied at. And when he is not satisfied there’s this buzz in my head that tells me I shouldn’t be either. Of course we were happy about my son’s success, he even passed 2 grade levels up which brings him in line with most kids his age. We were so proud we treated him to Little explorers (for my Manila friends, it’s an equivalent of the Mind Museum here) which delighted both my son and his father. The husband excitedly pointed out that IF we were paying for his tuition we would’ve saved a whole year! Which means a lot when you are paying for tuition here in Dubai from your own pocket. I think it’s safe to say that we were happy with this news and was ready to go ahead with this school which by the way is only like 5 minutes drive from our house.

But early this week we got the news from Raffles, our first choice school and of course my son was accepted, didn’t know why there was any doubt. They were asking us to pay 1/2 of the first semester’s tuition in the next three days or else he would lose his spot. The husband forked out the cash immediately. Before handing over the cash to the school, I asked the husband if we were doing right by paying the registration for both schools (which definitely is not petty change and non refundable) when I know that he’s always the one who is teaching me to save and count my pennies (especially this year). He answered me with a resounding YES he went ahead to explain that for the boys education he will not sacrifice to save money over their chances of getting a better education. 👏👏👏 ladies and gentlemen for my sons have the best dad ever!!!

So now I am at peace. As I write this post it’s 6:51am and the boys are still asleep so I have my coffee by my side and the house is still and quiet – definitely a very peaceful ambiance (for now!)

With this, I wish everybody a happy weekend and let me leave you with something my cousin told me. He said to always confess this out loud to God every time I feel unsure of my future…

I am blessed and I can do ALL things in Christ Jesus!


He is in control of all our circumstances. All we have to do is just ask him anytime 24/7 and He will guide us in all truth. Thank you Tony for helping me get through this. Even though we are miles apart you still find ways to inspire me. Love you lots!

*Hermits are people who tend to not want to socialize with other humans all the time.



seven days

As the excitement from my sister’s visit slowly winds down it’s giving me time to check how their trip went. Review at the same time share with you the week that was. I wanted to write real-time events as the day was happening but after the day of touring, taking care of the kids making sure my visitors were comfortable, I had no energy left to write.

In summary, here’s how their 7 days in Dubai went:


Day 1: Karama (Shopping), Dubai Creek, and my personal form of initiation to Dubai, the Camel Burger.


Day 2: Burj Al Arab lunch, Madinat Jumeira, RTA boat ride tour of the Atlantis




Day 3: Lost Chambers at Atlantis The Palm


Day 4: Burj Khalifa At the top, Ferrari World Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, IKEA (Shopping)


Day 5: Maryah Island mall Abu Dhabi, Sheik Zayed Mosque


Day 6: Hard Rock Cafe, Dubai Festival City (Shopping)


Day 7: Outlet mall (last hurrah shopping)


To cap of their trip we had Easter dinner at Dubai Mall and watched the fountain. They were concentrating on keeping Miguel awake all afternoon that by the time we were at the fountain he was NOT in a good mood. I found this video online of the Dubai Fountain and this was the theme song that evening. Enjoy!


I like having my schedules but coming into this I knew I had to be really flexible with the small kids. Sometimes our schedules would change mid day because one child or all three were acting up.  But considering all the places we managed to go to in a short amount of time, I’d say we were successful. In the end I think my sister’s main goal was to visit me and the kids so even without the tour part she would’ve been happy…HINDI RIN!!! hahahaha

come and gone

Just got home from the airport where we just dropped off my sister and her family to go back home to Manila. It’s funny how after only a week of having them here the apartment feels so empty without them.

My eldest being the more emotional one of my two children cried himself to sleep in the car on the way home. Crying out for his ninang and his Tito Alex because he didn’t want them to go or at least go without him (if we gave him the green signal he was ready to go on the plane with them without us). It was a heartbreaking moment, one in which I had to control myself or else I would start crying too. We tried to explain to him that we could easily get in touch with them again with calls and messages but of course it’s not the same – We know it and my son knows it too.

Having my sister over felt like home. I get to talk to her on a daily basis so having her over felt like we were never really apart. The best part of their visit was having to touch and smell her little bambino. I never thought I could love someone else’s child as much as I love my own children but maybe because I’m a parent myself and I’m her big sister, there is this feeling of her kids are my kids too.

Seven days ago we had a laugh watching how each of our boys reacted to each other. My eldest immediately declared that his newly arrived cousin was his new baby brother, which only showed me how nurturing and caring he can be and how he slipped into his “kuya” mode without being aware of it. My little one on the other hand was more territorial, watching the baby very closely and ready to “attack” if he saw him take one of his toys or get anywhere near me. This didn’t change for the next seven days but I would like to think that by the end of all this they will be aware now of each other’s existence and learn to accept the fact and eventually share – who knows they could be each other’s best friends/cousins in their case.

Next to my sister, my cousins are the next best thing I had growing up. I would like to think that I have a different relationship with each and every one of them but all of them special nonetheless. Being in the middle I have older cousins I look up to and run to for spiritual, emotional and even parenting advice. Being older to some, I would like to think I could share some lessons I’ve picked up along the way. Although my younger cousins are far wiser than me in experience and wisdom so most of the time I learn a lot from them too.

I’m getting off topic but to be honest I really didn’t know what I wanted to talk about in the first place. I wanted to share my sister was here and that it was nice to meet her new baby and that I hope our boys grow up close like how me and my cousins are close. I think I did all that…

Maybe its the fatigue from the week that was or that my brain is slowly shutting down after being alert 24/7 for 7 days but I don’t think I’m making any sense…Let’s re group tomorrow and maybe I can share with you all more from my sister’s visit to Dubai 2014.

Good night! I’m low bat and my brain is slowly shutting dooooowwwwwwn….

The Cavalry is coming…

…and they come bearing gifts! (I hope!) But of course aside from the materials things I’m looking forward to time spending it with my sister and her family and most especially meeting this special little guy.



In the beginning I was thinking of taking them EVERYWHERE!!! Desert Safari, go Kart racing, bungee jumping etc etc but because 1/2 of our group consists of 4 years old and below you just know it’s not going to be the case. Kids will definitely rule this next week. I kinda feel bad about this because it’s my BIL’s first time in the UAE so I wanted him to experience everything Dubai/Abu Dhabi has to offer but because we have limitations to where we can go and what we can do, I have planned to stuff their faces instead with all the food I love and want to try out here in my little city (nakahanap ng excuse! haha).

My son on the other hand has other plans for his ninang, he wants to do mundane things with her like go to the barber, check out his new school, even buying grapes from the grocery store he wants to do when “ninang comes“. Don’t ask me why I don’t understand it either. I just hope he doesn’t get disappointed let’s say…we go to Ferrari World instead – the horror!

So with all the excitement that’s gonna happen next week, this week is panic time for me. Of course I want my house to look good and neat and clean but aside from this I want to confess that there are still boxes hiding in small spaces that still needs to be sorted out from our move. I know it’s been 4 months and I should probably get rid of them but but but … (hoarder mode: ON). I will try my best to sort these out before they arrive or maybe I’ll just let them ship it back home so I don’t see them, I think that’s a better solution don’t you think? hahaha


Today was our last day of school for spring break. I’m going to be stuck with the boys for two straight weeks. So I felt like we had to go on a last hurrah to celebrate the last day of school and my last day of freedom. So after school pick up I brought the boys to Cocoville, a chocolate shop along Jumeirah Beach Road.

I’ve recently discovered their Instagram account and their pictures have filled up my news feed and haunting my dreams for days now. I was excited when I told my boys that we were gonna go out for sweets – of course my sons protested – PSYCH!!!! Of course they were over the moon happy and started narrating all the sweets they were gonna get. But I had to nicely tell them that we were gonna go to a chocolate place. Once I said these words I was hoping no one was gonna throw a fit and luckily nobody did!


20140403-204206.jpgThe place is very cozy with big comfy chairs, which I love … There were so many chocolates to choose from I felt like a kid in a candy store well technically we were kids in a more posh candy storage that is. The OC mom in me chose to get them brownies so it won’t be as messy as lets say eating a truffle. For myself, I just had to try their Hot Chocolate (yes even in this hot weather – nobody contest!). Still trying to make “better choices” I was ready to settle with just that and promised myself I’d go back to try the others one by one but the chocolate mouse in the cutest little jar was just calling my name asking me to get it and so I gave in and had one of those as well.


I’m always in the hunt for original gifts that I can give out on special occasions and I think these hand-made chocolates will surely delight most of my friends. They also have letter shaped brownies which I imagine would be a nice novelty to any party. FYI you would have to call ahead to order these letter brownies but the woman at the counter told me it would only take about 30 mins tops. Another gift option that will definitely not embarrass you are their truffles which come in their cute box which can be accustomed to suit your budget. If you find yourself along Jumeira and is craving for some sweets pass by Cocoville and I promise you your sugar level will hit the roof just by staring at their window!






We are located on Jumeirah road in Jumeirah 3

+971 4 338 9786

Follow us on Instagram @thecocoville for our latest delicious chocolate creations