Today was our last day of school for spring break. I’m going to be stuck with the boys for two straight weeks. So I felt like we had to go on a last hurrah to celebrate the last day of school and my last day of freedom. So after school pick up I brought the boys to Cocoville, a chocolate shop along Jumeirah Beach Road.

I’ve recently discovered their Instagram account and their pictures have filled up my news feed and haunting my dreams for days now. I was excited when I told my boys that we were gonna go out for sweets – of course my sons protested – PSYCH!!!! Of course they were over the moon happy and started narrating all the sweets they were gonna get. But I had to nicely tell them that we were gonna go to a chocolate place. Once I said these words I was hoping no one was gonna throw a fit and luckily nobody did!


20140403-204206.jpgThe place is very cozy with big comfy chairs, which I love … There were so many chocolates to choose from I felt like a kid in a candy store well technically we were kids in a more posh candy storage that is. The OC mom in me chose to get them brownies so it won’t be as messy as lets say eating a truffle. For myself, I just had to try their Hot Chocolate (yes even in this hot weather – nobody contest!). Still trying to make “better choices” I was ready to settle with just that and promised myself I’d go back to try the others one by one but the chocolate mouse in the cutest little jar was just calling my name asking me to get it and so I gave in and had one of those as well.


I’m always in the hunt for original gifts that I can give out on special occasions and I think these hand-made chocolates will surely delight most of my friends. They also have letter shaped brownies which I imagine would be a nice novelty to any party. FYI you would have to call ahead to order these letter brownies but the woman at the counter told me it would only take about 30 mins tops. Another gift option that will definitely not embarrass you are their truffles which come in their cute box which can be accustomed to suit your budget. If you find yourself along Jumeira and is craving for some sweets pass by Cocoville and I promise you your sugar level will hit the roof just by staring at their window!






We are located on Jumeirah road in Jumeirah 3

+971 4 338 9786

Follow us on Instagram @thecocoville for our latest delicious chocolate creations




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