The Cavalry is coming…

…and they come bearing gifts! (I hope!) But of course aside from the materials things I’m looking forward to time spending it with my sister and her family and most especially meeting this special little guy.



In the beginning I was thinking of taking them EVERYWHERE!!! Desert Safari, go Kart racing, bungee jumping etc etc but because 1/2 of our group consists of 4 years old and below you just know it’s not going to be the case. Kids will definitely rule this next week. I kinda feel bad about this because it’s my BIL’s first time in the UAE so I wanted him to experience everything Dubai/Abu Dhabi has to offer but because we have limitations to where we can go and what we can do, I have planned to stuff their faces instead with all the food I love and want to try out here in my little city (nakahanap ng excuse! haha).

My son on the other hand has other plans for his ninang, he wants to do mundane things with her like go to the barber, check out his new school, even buying grapes from the grocery store he wants to do when “ninang comes“. Don’t ask me why I don’t understand it either. I just hope he doesn’t get disappointed let’s say…we go to Ferrari World instead – the horror!

So with all the excitement that’s gonna happen next week, this week is panic time for me. Of course I want my house to look good and neat and clean but aside from this I want to confess that there are still boxes hiding in small spaces that still needs to be sorted out from our move. I know it’s been 4 months and I should probably get rid of them but but but … (hoarder mode: ON). I will try my best to sort these out before they arrive or maybe I’ll just let them ship it back home so I don’t see them, I think that’s a better solution don’t you think? hahaha


2 Comments on “The Cavalry is coming…”

  1. Janice says:

    I’m jealous!! I want to visit you guys too!! I think it’s sweet that Adrian wants to take Ninang to his usual spots 😊

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