Keeping the Faith

my son always happy to go to school.

my son always happy to go to school.

Ever since I wrote my school woes I have lived life-like a hermit* although I know some people who may argue that I live like a hermit all the time, but let’s talk about that on another day. These past weeks I have stayed inside my shell and just worry worry worry about my son and his (future) school.

My husband tells me to have faith in my son, my cousin tells me to have faith in God and even went ahead to say that “When we are not focused on our blessings we tend to lose our peace and joy and that’s when anxiety comes in – which is an attack from the enemy” wise words from the elderly (I kid but I appreciate it a lot ). 

But alas! Good news all around. First, we got positive news from one school and I know that this alone should already appease me but the husband was really counting on the second school we applied at. And when he is not satisfied there’s this buzz in my head that tells me I shouldn’t be either. Of course we were happy about my son’s success, he even passed 2 grade levels up which brings him in line with most kids his age. We were so proud we treated him to Little explorers (for my Manila friends, it’s an equivalent of the Mind Museum here) which delighted both my son and his father. The husband excitedly pointed out that IF we were paying for his tuition we would’ve saved a whole year! Which means a lot when you are paying for tuition here in Dubai from your own pocket. I think it’s safe to say that we were happy with this news and was ready to go ahead with this school which by the way is only like 5 minutes drive from our house.

But early this week we got the news from Raffles, our first choice school and of course my son was accepted, didn’t know why there was any doubt. They were asking us to pay 1/2 of the first semester’s tuition in the next three days or else he would lose his spot. The husband forked out the cash immediately. Before handing over the cash to the school, I asked the husband if we were doing right by paying the registration for both schools (which definitely is not petty change and non refundable) when I know that he’s always the one who is teaching me to save and count my pennies (especially this year). He answered me with a resounding YES he went ahead to explain that for the boys education he will not sacrifice to save money over their chances of getting a better education. 👏👏👏 ladies and gentlemen for my sons have the best dad ever!!!

So now I am at peace. As I write this post it’s 6:51am and the boys are still asleep so I have my coffee by my side and the house is still and quiet – definitely a very peaceful ambiance (for now!)

With this, I wish everybody a happy weekend and let me leave you with something my cousin told me. He said to always confess this out loud to God every time I feel unsure of my future…

I am blessed and I can do ALL things in Christ Jesus!


He is in control of all our circumstances. All we have to do is just ask him anytime 24/7 and He will guide us in all truth. Thank you Tony for helping me get through this. Even though we are miles apart you still find ways to inspire me. Love you lots!

*Hermits are people who tend to not want to socialize with other humans all the time.



One Comment on “Keeping the Faith”

  1. Janet says:

    Congrats Adrian! Way to go!!!

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