Springing onion

20140502-070003.jpgSpring onion (aka scallions) is not really an expensive green vegetable but I recently discovered that by putting the bulbs in water, the leaves just grow out by themselves. Now I can grow spring onions in my house and never buy any ever again!! Isn’t that cool? The littlest things excite me  so get over it! haha 😘

Upon learning that I now have unlimited supply of my now favourite herb (?), I started looking up other uses for the green vegetable other than garnish.

Apparently, if you are one of those that are sensitive to the strong smell of onions you can use this instead. Now scallions are still onions per se but it has a subtle smell and taste so just consider yourself warned.

I, however love the smell and taste of these green thingies. I sprinkle them in my congee, noodle soup, add it to my potato salad, fried rice and anything I can think of really. I have a recipe that calls for scallions being sautéed with mushrooms and butter and the smell is so heavenly I could eat the smell with a cup of rice.

More recent discovery is to add chives (aka spring onion) to my cream cheese and salmon duo on toasted bread. This actually would be better on a bagel but I don’t have any at the moment so a slice of white bread would have to do.20140502-071238.jpg




20140502-071245.jpgMy all time favourite potluck dish the Creamy Chicken Pasta also calls for some spring onion 2 cups to be exact! So you see having unlimited supply of this benefits me in more reasons than one. In the end your grocery bill is not going to change much but hey! any savings is savings still right?


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