The beginning of the end…

For three days straight now my son has asked me to drop him off at the gate of their nursery. He would go through the gate with us and stop to face us and say “Go back to the car mommy I can go to the room all by myself!” . The first time I heard this I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to do with myself. But after some thought I decided to follow his request but stay by the gate to watch him disappear into the building without even looking back at me. Because he is only in FS1 (4 years old) us parents are still allowed to take them to their rooms every morning. Something which I actually enjoy because he gives me a mini tour guide in his building every time we walk pass the small halls. But on this occasion he wanted to be independent. Some parents that pass me by at the gate think it’s great with comments like  “very independent boy” “he’s very brave” “what a treat!” and “he loves school doesn’t he?“.

I otherwise have mixed emotions.

On one hand it is very convenient for me to just leave him at the gate because this means I don’t have to haul the little one out and back in again on his car seat which sometimes triggers his long crying sessions on the way home. On the other hand, I will miss our morning walks to the building and up the stairs to his room where he shows off his art and updates me on what’s being done in certain parts of the nursery “we played drums here mommy!” “the library is close” “we need to keep the toys here!” are some of the small anecdotes he has shared. I will miss watching him interact with his friends as they arrive one by one at the door and sometimes even greets the mommies and daddies.

I knew it from the beginning that my son was special. He is sweet, smart, kind and now independent. He is growing up so fast that it makes me realise more that I need to cherish every moment with him. He still does depend on us in many ways like eating and using the potty. So maybe I should NOT push too hard on him to grow up any faster than he should…

Next thing we know it he’d be borrowing the keys to the car!

Here are some of the pictures of Adrian @school “borrowed” from the school’s FB page.

893117_624024461006864_8767276017731563288_o 1026070_601450899930887_1759112836_o 1898856_603626966379947_1572967801_o


One Comment on “The beginning of the end…”

  1. Janice says:

    Awwww 😢

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