Rosa Mexicano

Mexican food makes me happy! I can’t explain why. I didn’t have it much when I was growing up so you know there’s no childhood memory there. Tacos were the closest thing I can get my hands on. But as soon as I discovered burritos, quesadillas and enchiladas, there was no looking back, I was obsessed (OA). It seemed that I was not alone on this quest because as it turns out some of my cousins love Mexican food too. So my only reason is that there must be something in the water in guererro hehe. (That’s where we all grew up)

Imagine my surprise and excitement when an errand day at the mall brought us to Rosa Mexicano. We were not planning anything, it was 4PM and we just wanted a place to sit at to avoid the massive crowd of Dubai mall on a Friday. With the food court out of the question and a quick consult with my Entertainer vouchers here we are…with buy one take one meals and one happy momma!

Upon research after this meal, I found out that Rosa Mexicano has many branches across the globe which excited me more because I can ask my cousin at SFO to try it and have him compare it to his favourite Mexican place downtown. You see we are making our own list of foods to eat before we die. If all the eating doesn’t kill us first.

For starters we had the guacamole, it seemed to be the popular choice among the other diners so we had it too. They make it live beside your table and it was a treat for me to watch. I’m hoping I can replicate it in the future (…kailan kaya? haha). I took a video for you and for me too! haha Enjoy! (I added the slightly Mexican music for your entertainment! haha)


Finished product served with a bowl of chips


Here’s the bowl minutes later


ambiance anyone? The husband checking out how much the ambiance will cost him.


There is a replica of the famous Dubai mall waterfall at the back of the restaurant which to my delight got my sons attention for a total of about 3 minutes.

Since we were looking for something light we had the quesadilla and the chicken burritos, I know how uninspiring but please remember that I’m already lucky the husband (and my boys) has agreed to eat anywhere where they don’t serve sinigang (a Filipino dish my family loves)



Over priced Ice tea but pretty decent, we had no choice since we are trying to keep our kids away from soda. We had to pay the price (which was double! Ouch!!) hahaha

The verdict was positive from all of us. Of course the husband had to comment “Gutom ka lang!” suggesting that we liked the food because we were hungry….Oh well! Whatever the reason was I was happy we finally got to try it and hopefully we will come back soon!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



4 Comments on “Rosa Mexicano”

  1. rey & lyn says:

    Just had sinigang for lunch earlier hehehe. (Sorry) Nice video. Your kids are lucky to have parents that limit their soda intake. Really good for them in the future. 🙂

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