Sports life swimming club

When choosing an extra curricular for my son I was overwhelmed with my choices. It seemed that every child here in Dubai plays an instrument, plays a sport or is trying to learn a second, third or fourth language. Sometimes all three. But before anything else, I know I wanted my son to learn how to swim. After all it is a sport that may save his life. If he does decide to follow this through and start swimming competitively then I will be his no. 1 fan. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet! One thing at a time, baby steps.

We’ve put off getting him lessons because they have a swimming activity in school and well, the optimistic side of me thought they could at least teach him the basics. Not until the husband asked Adrian to swim at the pool and all he did was bob his head in the water that we realised he MAY need extra help. Going online, which is our usual source of information, we stumbled upon Sports Life Swimming Club. It caught our attention because they have classes at the Hamdan Sports Complex which is very close to our place. But we ended up going to Raffles because we were going to take the beginners class.

20140512-161616.jpgLast weekend was Adrian’s first session (classes started last 3 May, we were one week late). The coach was very impressed with his learning ability, something that made me very proud. She also said that she wouldn’t be surprised if Adrian moves up to the next class before this whole session ends. Again, music to my ears, this time I could feel my head growing a little! haha. Adrian had so much fun during the lesson. He kept calling our attention during to watch him swim that he was disrupting the class. I realised this was the first time we could actually stay and watch him for any of his activities that he was really super excited. We on the other hand was happy to watch him too, if only it wasn’t too damn HOT!!! but I survived.

The coach did point out that he is a bit late in trying to learn how to swim. She said that children should start learning how to swim when they turn 3, 2 1/2 if the child is not scared of the water.

So if you have children who are 5 years old and have not had formal lessons as of yet YOU ARE TOO LATE!!!! hahahaha I’m kidding!!! It’s never too late, Dubai schools are just obsessed with age and appoint every activity to a child depending on how old they are. (i.e. “he’s 5?! oh he should be driving by now!!” haha I exaggerate but that’s how we feel!).  They do have adult swimming lessons, I’ve linked their website above, Check it out if you are interested.



5 Comments on “Sports life swimming club”

  1. rey & lyn says:

    We both don’t know how to swim properly. 😦 we’re also a bit shy when it comes to adult lessons but thanks for reminding us that it can save lives. 🙂

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