Fat burger 2.0

Yesterday, we had to meet the husband after work so we had to kill time between school pick up and the husband’s time off work. Not willing to go home because this was a perfect excuse to go out! 😉. We found ourselves at Fat burger. I had Aden’s party here last year so I know the free play area will be perfect for our time to kill. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they’ve revamped the menu! Their old menu consists of burgers and fries, which wasn’t bad but now they offer Buffalo’s chicken wings which upon “extensive” (Google) research I found out that it’s a franchise from the US.

20140516-045817.jpgAside from the wings, the Buffalo’s menu (I think they are still in the process of consolidating the two menus) also had some wraps, not being able to say no to a good-looking wrap, I tried the Sidewinder wrap.  Which later I discovered was basically just crushed burger in a wrap. It was ok but not WOW! Maybe I should’ve tried the wings, you think? The table before me got all kinds of wings and although it looked messy they seemed to be enjoying it. Good excuse to bring the husband back next time 👍 .

They also have an ice cream parlour type menu on the side which made me think, Where were they when I was living in Jumeirah and only walking distance away??? Would’ve been a nice place to have desserts on a hot summer night.


 Anyway, life goes on and things change and it seems like Fat burger does too! I’m happy they made the changes, I just hope they take better care of that play area. A year after and it looks a bit torn up with holes on the nets and broken parts.

Oh and if you were in any way concerned, we were able to kill an hour and a half at the place without a hitch. Keep in mind that our usual meal time is 15-20 mins tops before they get bored and ask to go. This time the boys were busy playing, they did eat their food in the car since they were too busy but I didn’t mind this at all because I had the table to myself and enabled me to start writing this post!!!


Kid’s order meh! haha


Whenever I see curly fries on the menu I always have to get one. I think it’s from my love of the seasonal twister fries from Mcdonald’s.

I hope your weekend is going great so far!!







2 Comments on “Fat burger 2.0”

  1. rey & lyn says:

    Too bad about the play area but hope that the wings are going to be great when you come back to that restaurant! 🙂

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