Writer’s Un Block

ImageSometimes I have moments where my brain simply can’t write a decent word. Even when interesting things are happening, I just can’t seem to put words together to make into a sentence and form paragraphs to form a decent post. I call it my writer’s block moment. The husband calls it the effects of my anesthesia from 2 CS operations (he’s such a hoot isn’t he?). But surprisingly, yesterday that was definitely not the case.

I was able to write or at least form the intro to a post for SEVEN different entries. I think it’s the most number of posts I’ve ever written in one day!

So what’s so exciting lately that I’ve caused this so much activity on my keyboard??? Well don’t laugh (or judge) but these post are all about the future.

No I haven’t gone NOSTRADAMUS on you and started predicting the future. I’ve been simply writing about the days that are about to come and how I’ve come about to plan them. I put them all in writing so that when the event actually happens I will not miss sharing the planning details with you. Of course I will not post it until it actually does happen and I’ve added the pictures but at least my thoughts and feelings during the prep period are all there already. I’m so excited about the coming events that I can’t wait to share it all with you! In fact I was enjoying writing about it so much I was just typing non stop. I think I wrote all the way into the month of July!!

In fact I still have some thoughts on my mind, so if you don’t mind I would like to get this post out-of-the-way and let me write more from the future.


I predict lots of food tripping coming my way…



2 Comments on “Writer’s Un Block”

  1. rey & lyn says:

    Wow, how we wish to make an intro for an entry about winning the lottery! Hehehe πŸ™‚

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