Buenas Dubai

deer-in-headlightsLiving in Dubai for almost a decade we have gotten used to a certain order of things in our everyday lives. We wake up-office/school drop off /pick up-home-chores-wind down-sleep and the cycle begins again the next day. So when family announces they’re coming over to visit we had something exciting to look forward to. But aside from the early warning and a year to prepare, I was still caught unprepared like a deer in headlights.

My husband’s whole family came over for a visit and “whole” as in all, well except for the parental units. I know it’s no big deal to host 4 adults and 5 kids but you have to understand, I’ve never even hosted a lunch or dinner in my house for more than 10 people (mind you it’s not by chance, it’s by choice) and here I am hosting a whole week to 9 people.

This is our second time to take a holiday with them outside the Philippines so I guess it’s safe to say we don’t do travelling in small groups, we prefer to do it in herds! My husband acting as the host this time, actually prefers it this way because it would mean we don’t have to do all the touristy things all over again if they did travel in 2 batches. But the OC, wanna be perfect hostess in me was in panic mode days before they arrived. I wanted each and every one of them to feel welcome and special. My inner Martha Stewart was being tested and challenged.

20140606-171839-62319330.jpgWe were 6 adults and 7 kids living in a 2 bedroom apartment with only 2 toilets and baths for a week. But aside from the three-hour prep time before we could leave the house, there was no major issue with our living arrangements, at least that’s what I would like to think. Everybody apart from one brother-in-law slept in the kids’ room, there were some issues with snoring but I think even Martha can’t do anything about that…or can she??? I kept my ears to the ground and my eyes open for any sign of discomfort, I wanted to give them what they needed before they even ask.

The husband was ever so coolly relaxed, so much that it was like we didn’t have any guests in the house, which drove me crazy. I guess because these are his brother and sister and plus he’s the youngest so nurturing and taking care of them was never in his vocabulary. He has always been used to being the one taken cared of by them and taken cared of we were. My sister-in-law brought so much food it sustained us for almost a week. My brother-in-law was the over all general manager of the kitchen with his wife as his right hand (awwww so sweet!).

With their comfort and tummies taken cared of, my only assignment was to plan the days’ activities. Adrian had 3 days off school but was requested required to go to school on the remaining 2 days to practice for graduation. So I had to plan activities around his schedule but only for the two days at that time it felt like a big challenge haha.

Our schedule were as follows:

SUNDAY: We started off with a drive around Dubai taking pictures of iconic places but it was sooooo HOT it didn’t last long until we decided to go to the Mall of the Emirates, which made my sisters very happy.


We were so many you can barely see Burj al Arab.

MONDAY: A visit to At the top of Burj Khalifa which meant more shopping because it was at the mall hehe.


I bought the At the top tickets in advance (much cheaper) but I bought one for Adrian too not expecting he’d be requested required to go to school that day…so we were like contestants from the Amazing race running all around Dubai Mall just to make it to our scheduled time.

TUESDAY: Desert Safari afternoon, it was ok but VERY HOT! I was the one native from Dubai and I was the one who broke down from heat exhaustion – so embarrassing!!


We had two group pics like this the other one I was in it, but I like this one better because almost everyone had their silly face ON.


Love my boy’s expression here, he looks so happy even if it was freakin’ HOT!

WEDNESDAY: Yas Water World and THURSDAY was Ferrari World. We stayed one night at the Park inn hotel Yas Island. With the comfy beds and buffet breakfast I know my guests were well taken cared for (at least for a night). We even got a room only for the big kids to give the parents a small break from the noise and chaos.


These two are 6 weeks apart. I love how they immediately gravitated towards each other on their first day.

FRIDAY: Was IKEA day, not a good idea on a FRIDAY, BUT the boys were so overwhelmed by the crowd they opted to take the kids and go home instead, leaving us girls to go crazy in the household department.


The kids under their fathers’ loving care. They passed by the electronics shop before heading home.

SATURDAY: Ski Dubai day, I think the kids enjoyed it more than the adults.


SUNDAY: was reserved for some last-minute photo ops on some landmarks we missed and dinner at Dubai Mall and to see the fountain after.


TIP for your picky eater: Tell them it’s One Direction‘s favourite food and they will eat it with no reservations.

MONDAY: Their last day was dedicated to buy some pasalubongs and some last-minute shopping at Outlet mall.


Which meant the kids were at Chuck E. Cheese.

Viola! one week has come and gone once again. The long wait was over with a blink of an eye but I hope the experiences and the things they saw and learned will last them a lifetime! naks! may ganun?


We rarely had group pics, a picture with more than 3 people is very rare and have to be posted.








My Brother in law in his favourite theme park in the whole WIDE world!!! 😉 (insert inside joke)




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