The Singapore Stop-over

We usually prefer to fly direct from Dubai-Manila (with the kids we feel it’s better for our sanity) but this year our usual airlines bumped up their prices so high ⬆️ up that the husband calculated that if we take Singapore Airlines with a two night stop over in Singapore the price still comes out cheaper and we still had extra mulla to pay for the hotel accommodation (Genius? Right?).

So thus begins our 55 hour Singapore Stop-over.


With a 4-year-old and 2-year-old in tow we simply cannot plan a trip like we were normal tourists. But I secretly did, with plans of going to China Town, the east coast, and even walking up and down Orchard road like I used to. Of course none of these were done for on this trip the kids ruled all day long.

Upon arrival and after a quick nap at the hotel we headed out to Singapore Zoo. Because we were only staying for two days the Singapore Tourist Pass was perfect for us. (I’ve linked their sites for your convenience or maybe I will write a separate post). Still quite tired from the 7 hour trip and the looong way to the zoo we headed home to our hotel and decided to end our first day in Singapore early.

Day 2 was spent at Universal Studios but we also did not stay for long because all the walking to and on the park itself made my 4-year-old whinny and cranky. Plus my wrong choice of footwear made me very HAngry as well. Don’t ask me what’s the connection between my feet and my stomach – all I know was I was cranky the whole trip!

We got so stressed juggling the two kids and finding our way around Singapore that the husband swore to never again take them anywhere until they get older! I had mixed feelings about this because on one hand it was really hard to manage the boys, but on the other hand I really do want my boys to get exposed to different places at an early age with the hopes of them appreciating the privilege of travelling that we can give for them. I’m feeling optimistic that the more my boys travel the more used to it they will get thus gets easier (wishful thinking).

Then I saw this great blog that help me realise and open my eyes to other perspectives. Here’s what she had to say about travelling with young kids.

Our Singapore trip was short but sweet. It will always be one of the places I will not get tired of coming back over and over. And as the boys grow up, I hope they have a special place in their hearts for Singapore as it has one in mine.


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