Subic Break

While in Manila for the holidays, we wanted to go on a vacation from our vacation and decided to go to Subic. We originally wanted to go way  up north but with the five-hour drive to get there and the boys thinking my BIL’s car was a jungle gym, probably from enjoying their new-found freedom from the car seat. We decided it wasn’t a smart decision to drive up north, not to mention unsafe. Our next best option was to go to Subic, hey, at least it was still northbound! 😉

FACT: I’ve never been to Subic before. Were you surprised? Me too! All these years I thought I’ve been to Subic (at least once) before, it turns out I’ve only been to Clark! hahaha

20140714-104005-38405637.jpgAnyway, upon my cousin’s recommendation, we stayed at the Lighthouse Marina Resort. Upon driving at the hotel, I was expecting a big tall lighthouse that you can see from far far away, this one was a mini one with only 5 floors high and can be barely seen from afar. But the novelty of staying close to a lighthouse was a nice touch.



Complimentary sweets and a hot drink for a night-cap. I know they do this for everybody but it felt personal and that was a nice touch.

Prior to checking in we read on the net that the beach at Subic is not recommended for swimming but there were lots of establishments that rent out water sport vehicles, not exactly fit for our little family of 4. So a hotel pool was one of my requirements to keep my water-loving boys happy.20140714-104000-38400878.jpg

Since Subic used to be a US Naval base (biggest one outside of the US) the roads are well-kept and at first we couldn’t understand the rule of the first come first serve rule on an intersection, but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually a good system. By the way everyone was willing to abide by this rule so why can’t they drive the same way in Manila? Anyway, that’s for another post!


This one was staring at me like he was gonna eat me for dinner.

For the kids’ entertainment, we went to the Zoobic Safari where their main attraction is to put you inside a cage with angry tigers and make you pray for dear life! Ok it wasn’t that bad but when we were there the tigers were probably tired or hungry that they started growling at each other just when we were passing through their cage in a very narrow corridor (my brain was replaying episodes from Animals gone wild and this time the tigers were mauling ME!!!) I squeezed Adrian’s hand soooo hard he asked me to let go! The boys loved it so much amidst me shouting OMG OMG the whole time. I think Adrian even told me to relax and not to be scared… (he’s so funny sometimes).


Adrian showing off his tiger paws

20140714-195756-71876562.jpg20140714-195759-71879369.jpg20140714-195755-71875489.jpg20140714-195758-71878963.jpgThat about sums up our overnight in Subic, it would’ve been nice to stay longer but our holiday was short enough as it is so staying the extra day would make our holiday even shorter. But next time I hope we can stay longer so I can have some time to do a little shopping 😉.

With this short trip I’m starting to appreciate exploring more of the Philippines especially places I’ve never been to. I hope that as the boys grow older we can explore more of it with them.

















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  1. Rhey says:

    Loved zoobic!!!

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