Jamie’s Italian


I’ve meant to try this restaurant ever since it opened but because it’s a more pricey place (and I didn’t have a coupon for it, which means we would be paying full price) we were saving it for a special occasion. For this year our wedding anniversary fell during Ramadan so all restaurants open late and because we have kids, dinner is usually at 5:30PM. I was ready to throw in the towel and just make dinner for us (probably some sinigang to make my boys happy) But Arnie suggested we eat at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. Eager to go and will do anything to do so, I suggested that I will cook an early dinner for the boys and feed them before leaving the house  so that they don’t have to wait for Iftar and risk being cranky and moody and ruin the evening.

Luckily Jamie’s Italian at Jumeirah Beach Hotel is open from 12:00 noon to 11:00PM so as soon as I found out I made reservations for 5:30PM (yey! no need to cook!). Aside from us there was another family eating at 5:30 (also with two kids below 5 years old). Other than that the place was empty which was nice because my boys can roam around and I wouldn’t have to worry about them bothering other guests.

The place was not to pretentious (as I thought it would be) it was actually kind of casual, but casual with a hefty price tag hehe.

Upon sitting down at our booth, they provided us with 2 View-Master toy, one for the boys, I thought it was for their entertainment it turns out you can view the kids menu on them. What a cool idea! Especially at this age of iPads and others it was nice to see some toys from my day.


After ordering, free Bread was brought to our table which to be honest, I’ve had better. (sorry!) Aden did like the bread sticks but that was about it.


I had the Wild mushroom and smoked mozzarella Risotto, which I was told was an appetizer portion but it looked fine to me, besides I couldn’t hardly finish my plate any more of it and I would’ve just asked them to put it in a doggy bag.

20140720-213318-77598657.jpgArnie had the Fish of the day, which was a lot of yadda yadda for fried fish with crispy skin on a bed of lentils topped with some sauce. He did comment that it was good but nothing that we will come back for.


Adrian ordered the spaghetti Bolognese from the kids menu. Yes you heard me right HE ordered himself and even engaged the waitress to some friendly banter. It still amazes me to see how much he has grown into a sociable kid when both his parents are not.

He was promised a surprise at the end of the meal if he finished his greens. Of course being Adrian he was bargaining with me that he will only finish his spaghetti and he will still get his price. Honestly, I wasn’t in the mood to argue so I just said YES.

20140721-204746-74866090.jpgThis was his promised surprise at the end of our meal and as the receptionist was pinning it on his shirt he asked her if his brother Aden can have one too.  (so nice to see that he’s always looking out for his little brother) 20140721-205448-75288657.jpg

At the front part of the restaurant you can buy some Jamie Oliver cookbooks and other italian supplies one might need to make this food at home.
20140720-213319-77599448.jpgAfter dinner I was craving for some dessert to remove the after taste from the wild mushrooms and mozzarella. They did have some tempting sweets on the menu but the boys were already feeling too comfortable at the restaurant that they were making such a ruckus that I thought it was time to go. We decided to just pass by Marble Slab on the way home.

20140721-205324-75204030.jpgSeven year anniversary gifts are traditionally said to be wool or copper but a decent meal where I can sit down through the whole time without me having to run after one of my boys is good enough for me.

Cheers to us for seven years and more blissful years to come. 💏


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