The accidental Dubai tourist


He was  in Paris and he sends me a picture of his shoes! NICE!

My cousin was stranded at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. He’s been on standby to what seemed like forever and our duty as his adorable angels was to keep him company via viber or what’s app while he waits for the opportunity to take his flight. His “adorable angels” consists of all of his girl cousins who were born after him. There are only 3 boys in our brood and in between him and the next boy are 6 girls, all of which treats him like a substitute older brother while he treats us all like his personal slaves😘.

In one of our conversations I said (as a joke!) that he should just pass by Dubai first to visit me! Instead of sitting there being miserable.

At 12 midnight (Dubai time) I got the call..

Joke’s on you! My sister said.
Anton is on his way to Dubai get ready! Oh and pick him up at 6am! Ktnxbye!

That was the shortest but most shocking conversation I’ve ever had with my sister in my whole life. As the shock of my sisters words settled down, I started tidying up the house and thinking of things for my cousin to do. One day and a half is not much so I wanted him to at least see what Dubai was all about. Less than 5 hours of sleep and running high on adrenaline we went to the airport to pick up my cousin.

When he walked out of the terminal, he was like a walking zombie, the poor thing. Waiting at Charles de Gaulle (I love saying this) for all those hours and depending only on McDonald’s free wi-fi to keep him awake can break anyone’s sanity. He was here now and it was all good.


My cousin always the photo bomber.

Since it was Ramadan I explained to him that all shops and stores are open but restaurants and food stores are close so what was the point right? He was too spaced out to care anyway and all he wanted was to sleep. After a few hours of much-needed rest we drove him around to iconic places one would normally see people visiting Dubai go to. The boys were on constant protest because of the heat or hunger or something else that it was really a challenge to be a decent host and a patient mother at the same time. But we I managed and soon it was dinner time! After some food and some ice cream on everyone’s system we were all happy campers.


We did still go home early (I still have two children ya know!) and the mayhem continued at home (I blame the gelato ice cream). After a few rounds of dancing and jumping on the bed, we finally settled and everyone was soon sleeping like a rock, present company included.

The next day, Arnie suggested we go to the other part of Dubai, the “old part” but I think Anton was much more interested in sleep. So after a morning playtime with the boys and a quick trip to the grocery we were in nap time mode once again. Present company still included.

Woke up to have lunch and it was time to take him back to the airport. It was a very short visit but sweet and much appreciated nonetheless. My cousin loves to travel and explore but on this trip we stayed home most of the time. But I think he still enjoyed his trip because he got to see me in mom mode. He has always been sceptical of my child rearing skills. I think it’s because he still thinks of me as the teenager he left in Manila 17 years ago who can’t even cook her own breakfast. I hope he was pleased to see that I am capable of taking care of my boys (husband included).

Anton’s day and a half in Dubai was a surprise to me and I think even to him but definitely a pleasant one at that. This is definitely one accident I wouldn’t mind having again and again.

Thank you again Anton for the visit and it was all our pleasure to have you here! You are always welcome to Dubai and in our home. ‘Till next time!10580043_10203295285036091_4474714612697260123_n


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