The last days of Summer…

…and the early days of loosing my mind.

I guess you might have guessed by now that I cannot wait for school to start. I know it sounds bad but I’ve recently realised that school days are a walk in the park compared to summer vacations. My boys although angelic as they may seem can take me to a place comparable to Dante’s journey to the 7th circle of hell (violence!). OK I might have exaggerated a little but their room can look like a war zone after they have gone through all their toys (in 10 minutes). I’ve given up on cleaning and picking up after them during the day because I know I have to do the same thing again after 2 hours (or less). IMG_8844.JPG

Adrian at 4 years old (when I started to write this post, he’s 5 now) can clearly state demand what he needs and has no problem of letting me know what he wants every 5 minutes. That’s not including his endless questions of why, where, when and how. My patience is constantly being tested and this absolutely drives me to the roof!!!!

IMG_8486.JPGAden at 2 is totally the opposite and cannot express his wants and needs which leads to a lot of whining, crying and demanding making me one frustrated mother. His favourite type of play is to throw his toys at any moving target, which is usually Adrian and myself. Adrian has learned his lesson every time Aden has a large object in his hand he immediately ducks and covers. I on the other hand have slower reflexes and always gets hit right on the target which is usually my head. Geesh! Talk about abused mother.

These two rascals combined with my household chores leads me to wanting to retreat in a corner and start pulling my hair like a crazy lady. At the time I started to write this post I was at my lowest point (as in ready to be committed at the nearest mental hospital type) but I’m happy to report that things are much better now. The thing with motherhood is you can’t really give up and you can’t shut down, you just have to move on and pray for better days. 

My light at the end of the tunnel each day is when DH comes home. He immediately switches on to daddy mode and the boys are ecstatic to have another person to play with (or jump on! yikes! our poor backs!).

To survive this summer there were some things that helped me deal with the stress. Some of these are:

  • Building Legos – I know it seems like a childish game but the concentration necessary to follow the instructions really helped me zone out my kids. With DH supervision (of course!)IMG_8353.JPG
  • Minion Rush – When the boys weren’t fighting over the iPad I’d grab the opportunity to play this app game. Don’t ask me why I like it, it’s endless running and dodging obstacles and lots of goals to finish to get rewards but however silly it may seem it takes me away from my present world of chaos, fighting and crying.
  • Sound tripping – I’ve always used music to help me relax and listening to some of my all time favourite just takes me back to a time where I was carefree and had no responsibilities. I do wish I had those noise cancellation headphones so that when I close my eyes, I’d really be in my own world.
  • Binge watching – during the spring/fall/winter TV series seasons I concentrate on watching my favourite shows but during the summer when most of the good shows are on hiatus this is when I watch the shows that didn’t quite make my cut. I’d get the whole season and just watch it one episode after the other. 
  • Organising – In my case I still have that last box of miscellaneous items at the bottom of my cabinet that needed to be sorted out after we moved. One weekend when DH had the kids I locked myself in our bedroom and started sorting out that last box. So I guess you can say that we have officially moved into this new place after 9 months.


Next week we start school and a new chapter begins…#LEZDODIS