surviving the morning school run

I’ve done the school run for over a month now and although I really do enjoy the driving part, for some reason I’m super stressed out in the morning. Maybe it’s because I can’t wait to drop of my kid to school – TO LEARN!!! (you thought I was gonna say “so I can be alone” noh?😜 hehe). I know I’ve done the school run for 2+ years now so I should be used to it by now but for some reason since Adrian has moved to what we call a “big school” I feel like it’s been more challenging.

For starters Aden has been more clingy, don’t ask me how that’s possible he just is. So imagine me preparing breakfast and school snacks with a (sleeping) two-year old over my shoulder. Forget about drinking coffee because I’m too scared it will spill and burn my two-year old; NO coffee means 😡 mommy.

This was really a big frustration for me because I work faster without the distraction and since I’m in a tight schedule 😩 all I can do is 😭. But because I have no choice I have to perceiver. First,  I’ve adjusted my mind-set and lowered my expectations on what I can prepare my boys for breakfast. Sorry boys no chocolate chip pancakes or french toast from mommy’s kitchen anytime soon.

For school snacks and lunch the school promotes healthy eating and I’m happy Adrian welcomes this concept with open arms so it’s cucumber, grapes, strawberries, apples, yogurt,  etc which are easy to prepare. As for lunch he usually gets whatever we had the night before so that part takes care of itself .

The dressing up part and grooming is relatively easy since Adrian is older and can dress himself – sometimes!

Being obsessive compulsive about always being on time I rally the troops to leave the house 45 mins before the first bell. You see the drive to school is 30 mins so I give 15 mins allowance for traffic, looking for parking, boys fighting at the back so much that I have to stop the car to intervene, and my favourite distraction from driving is Aden crawling out of his car seat to sit on my lap!!!! (while DRIVING!!!!) OMG this was so dangerous in so many levels I’m happy we are over this phase. I’ve read and by experience I can share that the best solution for this is to stop the car and put him back in his place and eventually they’ll get it – for Aden it took him about a week and about a hundred stop overs ( I exaggerate for drama purposes) but I’m so happy he’s behaved now. Phew! Crisis averted. Thank God!

Ok so I know now you think I’m crazy because I’m wasting my time sitting in the car waiting for about 15-20 mins for them to open the school gates. Trust me I was thinking the same thing during the first couple of weeks. But I’m proud to say I’ve devised my own ways to make use of our morning school parking lot sessions. For starters, I review Adrian on his spelling words, multiplication table or any homework he may have for that particular day. Doesn’t always work, I don’t know if it’s because he knows them well already or my constant nagging simply annoys my 5-year-old. I’ll let you be the judge on this one. For Aden I pack his breakfast and feed him in the car while we wait. Because it’s too early for him to eat with Adrian, he’s usually hungry aka cranky by the time we get to school, so I started packing him his breakfast. Saved me a whole too since I don’t have to pass by the bakery or a certain coffee shop with a drive thru window along Jumeira Beach Road 😜😜 to get him a croissant and a drink everyday. I know you think a croissant and a drink doesn’t cost much but you do know it’s not just a croissant and juice right? 😜 hint: ☕️+🍰 for mommy too = $$$.

The drive home is usually relaxing *depends on the little monster at the back* but after the morning ordeal everything else (cleaning, laundry, cooking etc)  is dare I say icing? haha


I found this video on YouTube and I thought it was funny and on point of what we moms go through every weekday morning. Enjoy!

This is another school run song, which I enjoy listening to every morning.


4 Comments on “surviving the morning school run”

  1. mymommyology says:

    Wait wait wait… multiplication tables in school at 5?! Really?!

    • yes Jen! I tried explaining the concept to Adrian you know (any no. multiplied by x means you add the no. x amount of times etc) mali daw style ko! they really just want them to memorize it and the principal said it’s really just to help them learn how to skip count?! ewan ko ba! montessori style sila eh, I can’t understand it either. but i guess they know better (?)

  2. mymommyology says:

    And the other one — crawling out of the carseat to ride in your lap! How do they do that?!

    • YES! i wish I have a video, it actually requires some acrobatic talents haha we have the maxi cosi carseat first he removes the shoulder straps (kahit masikip he manages to wiggle himself out – one side first) then when his arms are free he tries to stand up via a combination move of kicking the head rest and upper arm strength. Then he wiggles one leg off first and when he’s finally standing up he lets himself fall to the empty seat beside him (head first) and manages to stand up at the car floor then he stands on the compartment in the middle of the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat and jumps on my lap – all in less than 5 mins and while driving at 120kph – TALENTED???? GRABE!!!!!! I really should get myself one of those go pros and attach it to the car to take a video hahaha but thankfully he doesn’t do this anymore PHEW!

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