I’ve been very very lazy (to say the least) about my blog lately. I actually have no excuse just plain L-A-Z-Y. But it doesn’t necessarily mean I have nothing to share (or say) because if you see my draft folder it’s full of posts I haven’t brought myself into editing. Yes friends even if my blog seems like I just type and type and say anything that comes out of my head it does go through days of editing (in this case months) 😬.

But nothing excites me more than a new project and the prospect to meet new friends online. My friend and forever grade school and high school seat mate (when we were arranged alphabetically) mymommyology tapped me on the shoulder to invite me to join #trailingspousesstories I immediately jumped into the opportunity. This is the reason we blog right? To share stories and meet people going through the same thing, to know that we are not alone.

To “pay it forward” (as they say) I would like to extend the invitation to friends who are co-trailing spouses who want to share their stories online. If you don’t have a blog, the mechanics did say that you can “guest post” on any one of the bloggers (ahem!). Or this may be the perfect opportunity for you to start blogging too!

More details on this are found here: http://talaocampo.com/trailingspousestories-blog-crawl/. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact any one of the organisers: Tala at mailto:tala@talaocampo.com or Didi at mailto:didi_paterno@yahoo.com (http://www.dfordelicious.com/) or ME!!!

Have a nice day and hang in there girlies! I see the weekend coming soon!!! Not that we get a day off or anything😜



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