With the temperatures slowly dropping and the sun shinning all day how can one not do anything outdoors. Of course first on our list was to spend some time at the beach. PSYCHED!!! Of course not! First on our list was to #findsalt and try their most talked about burgers! The beach was an after thought.

SALT, is a burger joint that serves their food out of a food truck and since they move a lot there’s a trending #findsalt on instagram and once found #foundsalt was the cool thing to do. I think the excitement of finding them and being in on the loop was part of the novelty for me. The Angus burgers were good but I liked the buns the most.

Lately they seemed to be rooted at Kite beach along Jumeirah Beach Road, which is actually perfect for me because I pass by them everyday on my school runs. Only bummer is they don’t serve anything but burgers, drinks and fries (but on the day that I was there they didn’t have any fries😩)and my boys DON’T eat burgers – Please don’t ask me how a couple who dedicated their lives in finding the “best” burger in Dubai can have two sons who DON’T EAT BURGERS.

Anyway, if you find yourself in the area drop by and you’ll be amazed at the diversity of people eating there. Only in Dubai can you find European or American women with their supermodel bodies wearing bikinis all day dine side by side with Emarati women wearing their abayas all in black and covered from head to toe and then there’s me, the disgruntled mom running around after her boys👬.

I guess you can say that’s how good their burgers are that people from all walks of life flock to wherever they are, so what are you doing sitting there…head on to Kite Beach and maybe I’ll see you there! hehe










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