On our way home today, we ran into a couple of men who needed a lift to the nearest mall. It was an extremely hot day and they seemed harmless so I agreed I’d take them. It was only 4.4km and about 9 minutes away so it really wasn’t a big deal plus it was on my way home. I know it seems like a pointless story to write about but the best part of this story were my boys!

In 9 minutes (or less) my eldest had introduced himself and his brother to the men and even asked them their names. He even went above and beyond by offering his chocolates (treats he got from their field trip) to them, something which I know is considered precious to him since chocolate is a contra ban in our house. My youngest, not willing to be out shined by his brother offered his juice to them. All this without my direction.

At the end of the trip, my eldest said he wished he could have spent more time with his “friends“. I was tempted to tell him not all strangers can/may be trusted and that he shouldn’t be so willing to help others. But I was so proud of how accommodating and friendly they both were that I decided not to. I figured there will be more opportunities for me to explain this to him next time.

Besides we watch TV Patrol every night so that should be enough to teach him the world isn’t all good.


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