Dose of my own meds



It’s a tale as old as time, husband and wife arguing about how one often disregard ones needs.

You hear it over and over and even see it on comedy sitcoms.

My husband and I are no different. I always expect him to help me even without me asking and of course he never does because well simply he didn’t know. He never says anything and just lets me fume on my own resulting to me feeling stupid in the end. There was one time I think he felt he had to say something and it actually struck a chord. He said that he’s not a mind reader and I cannot simply expect him to know what I need by just looking at him, I have to actually say it…

After that I think I backed off him (a little – I think).

Today, I got a dose of my medicine and it was awful!!!

Long story short: We had to renew our residence visa and prelude to this I had to take a medical exam. Me being Mrs.  Spoiled Rotten thought all I needed to do was just show up. Of course there was more to it than that. I didn’t prepare a thing for my medical and of course like any smart wife I started to blame him. He said he texted me what I needed and of course I had to check. All the text said was

Medical for visa renewal, Thursday

I didn’t know that was code for bring passport, 2 ID pictures and a photo copy of visa page and 1st page of passport.
In the end we managed to do my medical and in his true “gentlemanly” fashion I never heard a word. Which made me feel worst because if I were in his shoes I’d never stop talking. But all I could think of was “How was I suppose to know?” which made me think of all the times I get frustrated by him not doing what I wanted him to do (in my head). This had such a big impact on me that I simply had to write about the experience

I guess the lesson for today folks is this:

Never assume. Never assume that the person knows what you are talking about and /or knows what you need. And if you don’t tell the person what you need NEVER GET MAD at the person because at the end of the day, you didn’t marry a mind reader so deal with it!



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