(major) #throwbackthursday @Singaporedeli

Picture borrowed from Zomato

Singapore Deli is a hole on the wall restaurant that I’ve gotten to know 10 years ago! Yes! You read it correctly 10 YEARS! This restaurant is in any foodie’s must visit list.

It hasn’t changed much since the last time we ate there and if I’m not mistaken the prices too remain the same (or almost the same). Dubai is changing so much that it’s amazing for me to find places like this that stay the same after all these years. Business must be doing well since they still don’t accept credit cards and the menu is still the same. The restaurant is kept simple with about 5(?) tables inside and tables outside. Chances are if you’ve been here before it’s still the same as you remember it.

Picture borrowed from Zomato

It was nice to go back to our old stomping ground, this time with our boys walking errrr driving along the streets of Karama. This may seem corny but it’s where I first learned to be independent and to live on my own so it may not be the poshest place in town but it holds a special place in my heart(Naks! Told you it was gonna to be corny).


He loves to order noodles and soup but only eats the noodles

I’m happy the boys enjoyed the food too. I think I’ve said it before but I’d sure love to raise my boys with an open mind when it comes to food and hopefully this type of thinking transfers to love of travel, open mindness to different cultures and to be more accepting of people who are different from who they are.

Here’s hoping to more adventurous Thursday dinners with my boys and hopefully I get some interesting posts out of it too. 😉